10 New Age Pop-Punk Bangers Everyone Should Know About

Pop-punk has definitely seen a resurgence over the past couple of years and one of the potential groups in this latest wave of pop-punk acts is girlfriends, the Apple Music 1 and MTV duo. Ghosted: love is gone host Travis Mills and Goldfinger drummer Nick Gross.

The pair have always found that pop-punk sweet spot with endlessly catchy jams that have made our staff favorites time and time again. And tomorrow (June 17) you can listen to the highly anticipated new album (e)motion sickness.

While they may be new to some listeners, both musicians have a strong pop-punk grounding that has led them to this point. Mills formed his first band at 15 and was part of the Warped Tour circuit, while Gross was behind Goldfinger’s kit for a long time, appearing on MTV. NMT on drums when he was only 17 years old. And it’s worth noting that longtime Gross Goldfinger frontman and Big Noise label co-founder John Feldmann produced the girlfriends’ new album.

Given their love, passion, and history with the pop-punk genre, we reached out to the duo to get some of their picks for the best New Age Pop-Punk Bangers everyone should know. And hopefully it won’t be long before girlfriend songs are on the tip of everyone’s tongues as well.

Check out their newly released song “I Thought About You While I Was Taking a Shower” below, and be sure to pick up the album tomorrow. You can order the album on motion sickness (e) here and see them on tour at these stops.

Listen to the song, then check out Travis and Nick’s 10 New Age Pop-Punk Bangers Everyone Should Know Below.

girlfriends, “I thought of you while I was taking a shower”

  • “The curse of curves”

    Cute is what we aim for

    The lyrics of this song immediately appealed to me as a teenager and made me envious of the pen game, and I knew I had always wanted to write songs like this. It’s ironic, it’s impetuous and intelligent. And I hope some of that comes through in the music we make now as well. – Travis Mills

  • “nothing lasts eternally”


    I love this kid from Australia. Everything from her lyrics and writing to her tone of voice is super unique. It certainly doesn’t look like an Aussie kid, you would never know that. -Nick Gross

  • “The Only Exception”


    We need more acoustic songs like this in new-age pop punk – songs with huge choruses and emotion behind the lyrics. We tried to do something similar to this song with “High Again” on (e)motion sickness. No one to date has come close to beating Hayley’s voice. -Nick Gross

  • “Wow, I can get sexual too”

    say anything

    Max Bemis is one of my favorite songwriters – smart, sophisticated and has a “Bukowski” vibe to his writing. I love the early phone sample and haven’t really heard another pop punk/emo band recreate it in a way like this. I open every Emo Nite set with this song and it goes. – Travis Mills

  • “Mix the Tape”

    Brand new

    This takes me right back to high school and the issues with young love. Now we create playlists, but relevance still carries the same weight. It’s a cathartic song to help you say “Fuck You” to someone who broke your heart. – Travis Mills

  • “bad habit (dramatic!)”


    I released some of their music recently and I think the duo concept is unique. You don’t see a lot of bands (other than girlfriends) doing the duo thing. Their music sounds raw but authentic, definitely cool songs coming out of these guys. -Nick Gross

  • “Karma”


    The opening track of his album The internet killed the rockstar, the chorus sounds like a 90s punk track with that acoustic guitar line. The stripped back vocals chorus is always a fresh taste to keep the structure of a song different and interesting. Also, apart from “Karma Police”, there haven’t been many good Karma songs! -Nick Gross

  • “Dear Maria, count on me”

    all the time low

    I love the chuggy guitar that starts this one and the first line”I have your photo, I come with youimmediately pulls you into the rest of the song. It was cool to see the evolution of this band over the years and this song is still one of my favorites. – Travis Mills

  • “To advance”

    All-American Releases

    An all-time classic. We need more pop-punk songs with drum intros. Enough said. -Nick Gross

  • “California”


    The first song we released, the second song we ever wrote as a band. I feel like that sums up the time we spent making the first album and I always wanted a song to honor where I grew up and the feelings of coming home. – Travis Mills

Corina C. Butler