5 Favorite Pop-Punk Bands Of The 2000s Shared By Set The Record

Almost a decade after their debut, Brisbane pop-punk band Set The Record have recently released their debut album, ‘Time To Breathe’.

Loaded with hooks and polished to perfection with catchy choruses and driving beats, the album was produced by Troy Brady (The Amity Affliction, The Brave, Stateside) during recording sessions in 2019/2020.

“‘Time To Breathe’ signifies a defining moment for us, stepping out of the shadows of our youth to embrace a deeper, more honest side of ourselves,” said lead guitarist Bec McCall.

“This release was very thoughtful and very personal. Each of us has songs in there, or parts of songs that are real life.

“Whether it’s heartbreak, falling in love, or looking at where you’ve come from or where you might be in your life – it’s a release for all of us.” We put all of that into our music, so from de this point of view, it has more maturity and meaning for us as a group.”

Drummer Ian Collins adds about the title track “Give Me A Second”: “We played a lot with our sound on this one.

“The track is about being left out by an ex-partner and the desperation to be close again, and it was important to us that the urgency and emotion built throughout the track.

“We even had Bec on the mic screaming in the background on the bridge of this one.

“There’s a lot of light and shadow, and I think it’s a good representation of our more mature sound.”

Scheduled to play the Fireball Festival at Greaser in Brisbane (April 29), Bec shares her love of 2000s pop-punk bands with her 5 favourites.

1: May Day Parade

This band is simply exceptional for marrying heartfelt lyrics with beautiful melodies and epic instrumentation full of energy and emotion.

They were a huge inspiration for our new album. I listened to these guys a lot throughout my last relationship, which I wrote “Remember You Always” about.

I think they were one of the biggest bands in the emo scene to release good albums in the last 15 years.

2: Blink-182

We can’t say our top 5 bands without mentioning one of the most influential pop-punk bands of all time. . . blink-182.

Their famous live shows full of jokes and fast, fun songs caught the attention of so many kids in the late 90s and early 2000s, giving birth to so many rock bands that exist today. .

You can hear flashing elements in our songs ‘Answer My Call’ and ‘Flashback’.

3: True Friends

This group is not as well known, but it is one of the most modern groups of our genre.

Their sound guided us to shape a song that we had been rewriting over and over for about a year. We couldn’t find the right feel to any one song in particular, experimenting with a funky ‘1975’ sound, all the way to lightning fast punk rock, before finally landing on a ‘feel good’ pop-rock chorus combined with dynamic verses.

4: Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World – just exceptionally well written songs. They have been around since the mid-90s and continuously release hard-hitting albums every two years.

When you listen to their songs, they might not sound overly complicated or technical at first, but they’re so cleverly crafted and keep tugging at those heartstrings.

I think our last song “Give Me A Second” has a big Jimmy Eat World touch to it.

5: Paramore

We’ve always referenced the Paramore sound on our own recordings, and we’ve covered more than one of their songs in our live shows. Their hard-hitting, angsty energy hits so hard.

This band inspired so many rock bands coming out of the 2000s, and you can still hear them today in mainstream music from artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Machine Gun Kelly.

Corina C. Butler