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It was undoubtedly another heavenly night of music as the new graduates of the MTN Foundation-MUSON Scholarship Program commemorated the end of their two-year music program with a vibrant musical concert.

The event, which marked the 15th edition of the graduation ceremony, was exciting for all in attendance as they witnessed the introduction of new music professionals to the world.

This year’s graduation concert was held on Monday, July 4, 2022, with an array of captivating musical acts for the engaged crowd.

MTN Foundation Music Fellows showcased their distinctive styles, with musical performances by foreign and Nigerian artists such as Oluwa Iwo Lo Ti N Se Ibujoko Wa from Ayo Oluranti; Ekwe by Onyeka Onwenaked and Smile by Charlie Chaplin.

The excellent performance of He lives in You by Mark Manchina and Lebo M from the MUSON choir was perhaps the musical performance of the evening that most touched the hearts of music lovers.

MTN Foundation Music Scholars and Muson

During the two-year music program, young scholars received first-class training in major and minor music theory, as well as the fundamentals of the genre.

They have consciously taken on the role of being the music of Nigeria’s future.

MTN Foundation Music Fellows

MTN Nigeria, through its Foundation, is committed to supporting, recognizing and celebrating local talent and partners with like-minded organizations to implement enriching experiences that nurture young talent.

We recognize the important role the arts play in personal and community development; it enriches communities and is an integral part of the cultural fabric of society.

Corina C. Butler