A&E News: Phoebe Bridgers’ ensemble shortened

Phoebe Bridgers fans were shocked after the artist’s set was cut short at Austin City Limits.

The Austin City Limits (ACL) festival has been full of ups and downs this year. This is the first time the festival has been allowed to return due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it had an impressive lineup of artists including Billie Eilish, Machine Gun Kelly, Doja Cat and Erykah Badu.

Among them was Grammy-nominated soloist Phoebe Bridgers, whose sound was muted early in her set on Saturday, prompting an apology from organizers and a subsequent donation to Texas Abortion Funds.

Phoebe Bridgers performed during the second weekend of this year’s ACL Festival, but was interrupted while performing her closing song “I Know the End”. A video captured by a festival-goer displays an eruption of boos from the crowd following the mute. Either way, Bridgers and his band continued the song. After the set, Bridgers remarked in a since-deleted tweet, “lol f— acl.”

After the events, the organizers of the ACL presented a declaration Monday to Austin American-Statesman apologizing to Bridgers and explaining why his sound was muted in the first place.

It was initially reported that Bridgers had been cut due to her set stretching over the time allotted to her that day. However, organizers cited “poor communication” between ACL staff as the reason the set was cut off prematurely.

In addition to their apologies, the organizers donated to Texas Abortion Funds, an organization that Bridgers recently approved with a cover of “That Funny Feeling” by Bo Burnham.

Unfortunately, due to a communication problem on stage from the ACL Festival staff, the sound of the final song of (the) Phoebe Bridgers set was cut off during her second weekend ACL Fest performance. . We wish this didn’t happen and apologize to Phoebe. After positive conversations between the festival organizers and the artist about the situation, ACL Fest donated to Texas Abortion Funds to show our support for Phoebe and to an organization close to his heart.

In response, Bridgers said on twitter, “Thank you.”

Image courtesy of Austin360.

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