Album Review: Nick Oliveri – NO Hits at All Vol. 7

Album Review: Nick Oliveri - NO Hits at All Vol.  7

A muse compilation

No doubt Nick Oliveri took care of his many musical projects. Still, he hasn’t forgotten his solo career as he released another compilation album titled NO success at all Vol. 7. Oliveri has created this collection of personal tracks to surprise fans with 10 punk rock songs.

Nick Oliveri, the multi-instrumentalist legend best known for his time in Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, is a respected songwriter known for contributing to many other bands, art projects and albums.

NO success at all Vol. 7 kicks off with a dark heavy rock song called “Bram Stalker”. In the first few seconds, fans are greeted with a rock and roll guitar riff. The rhythm of the song becomes heavier as the drums and screaming vocals are introduced. This energetic song is a perfect introductory track to welcome Nick Oliveri fans to his 7the sound volume NO hits at all series.

“I Am Your Sun” features Michelle Balderrama on guitar and vocals. This track gives a comprehensive overview of the exotic world of Oliveri’s music and his mindset as a genius composer. Balderrama’s vocals alongside Oliveri’s electric piano keys give this song a late 1990s vibe that would have landed it in a comedy movie soundtrack. This piece is an experimental sound and differs from the typical sounds of Oliveri; fans can have a different sound experience through this song.

It is clear that Oliveri drew on his previous and current band experiences to compose “Up And Down Under”, which sounds like a more energetic Stöner track, and “ME 262” which gives off Queen of the vibes. Stone Age. Oliveri gives fans the pleasure of discovering new guitar sounds that many fell in love with during her years as Stone Age queen in “ME 262”.

“Disease With No Control” channels a garage rock band from the late 1970s. Oliveri performs the same energy and rage in this incredible punk rock song that hates the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic to which everyone world could relate to and appreciate. Oliveri channels another great musical era in “I Want You She’s So Heavy” as he turns to the blues for artistic inspiration. This track is a weird way to end that compilation album, but maybe it’s hinting at the possibility of a volume eight.

Nick Oliveri is definitely a musical genius who has found a way to put together various compilations of his finest works. He once again surprised fans with his musical talent in NO success at all Vol. 7. This collection of songs will allow fans to look back on Oliveri’s musical career and revisit some of his most notable sounds in this album, but of course, in new songs.


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