All Time Low responds to TikTok’s allegations against Jack Barakat

All Time Low has finally responded to allegations against band member Jack Barakat after a TikTok went viral.

This is not the first time that the conduct of the group with their fans has been called into question. However, they were forced to deal with it after a TikTok went viral recently.

Before TikTok, another accusing woman had made statements about the group.

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Allegations against All Time Low explored

Viral TikTok, now viral, sees young woman register your reaction to a clip with the caption: “I tell everyone how a famous pop-punk group let me get on their tour bus when I was 13 and people tell me how nice it was to their share. “

The TikTok user didn’t name ‘All Time Low’, but took his comments into account to details the misconduct she endured like a teenager. Fans speculated that clues left by the social media user in the comments pointed to the group from Maryland.

In the comments, TikTok user @ mini.grewal claims, “They literally tried to take my bra off for their nasty collection and offered me beers. They took my friend’s phone number and called her for months.

Some fans became sure of their guess after the creator posted another comment. writing, “They’re not even that punk that they write songs about champagne and kids.”

In addition, on October 25, another accusing woman called the group. She claims that his past attempts to share his story have met with hatred from All Time Low fans. The Twitter account that shared her story has been suspended. However, snippets of it are still floating around the platform.

The excerpts see the accuser affirming Jack Barakat, All Time Low’s lead guitarist, had “assaulted” her for years before she turned 18. Amid a wave of accusations against the group, they made a statement about it on their social media platforms.

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The group responds to TikTok complaints

Speaking to their social networks on Monday, October 25, the group denied all allegations and found them “completely and utterly wrong”.

The statement read, “When a TikTok video gained traction a few weeks ago hinting at inappropriate behavior within our camp, we chose not to respond due to glaring inconsistencies in the story and apparent reluctance to us. mention by name.

“We have to state with absolute certainty that what is being said about us is completely and utterly wrong. We are further investigating the source of these false accusations and will seek legal recourse as we take these allegations very seriously. “

The group goes on to say that they support all victims of abuse and that they “are very grateful for the growth” that comes from their connection with the fans.

The statement concluded through saying, “It is difficult and disheartening to have to make this statement knowing that the allegations against our camp are completely unfounded and false, but at this point it is [utmost] It is important to us that you know that we hear you, that we stand with the victims and that we collectively stand up for the truth. “

A look at the group’s rise to fame

All Time Low has enjoyed enormous success since its formation in 2003. The band has four members: vocalist Alex Gaskarth, guitarist Jack, bassist and backing vocalist Zack Merrick and Rian Dawson, their drummer.

The musical group went out with their first EP, The three words to remember to face the end, in 2004.

So far, the group has released eight studio albums: The party scene (2005), So wrong it’s true (2007), Nothing personal (2009), Dirty work (2011), Do not panic (2012), Hearts of the future (2015), Last young renegade (2017), and more recently, Wake up, sun (2020).

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