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Performing at the Royal Nightclub in downtown Boston to a sold-out crowd, indie band BLACKSTARKIDS lit up the room with an electric set before handing over the stage to singer Christian Leave and headliner beabadoobee.

BLACKSTARKIDS opening for beabadoobee at the Royal nightclub on Friday night. VISHVA VENKATESAN / DAILY PRESS STAFF FREE

BLACKSTARKIDS – a trio from outside Kansas City made up of TyFaizon, Deiondre and TheBabeGabe – released their fourth album last month “Puppies Forever”. The 12-track vibrating disc is reminiscent of the early 2000s alternative rock bands with muffled vocals, synthetic guitars and bouncy drums.

The group’s creative direction with “Puppies Forever” was inspired by the movies and shows all three consumed over the years, group members said. Deiondre said watching independent entertainment company A24 films such as “Lady Bird” and other coming-of-age films such as “The Benefits of Being a Wallflower” inspired their songwriting. .

“We wanted the album to feel a little more grounded in reality,” Deiondre said in an interview.

Working for a few months last winter, the three moved between their shared home and an Airbnb for the songwriting process.

“We were just getting drunk and writing songs, then getting drunk again, then writing a few songs,” TyFaizon said.

He explained that each of them would write on their own before returning to collaborate on a song.

“Everything comes together to make one product,” he said.

The album sparkles with a mix of hip-hop rhythms, flowing vocals supported by electronic synth tracks and futuristic popcorn chords with pop culture reference lyrics. Deiondre described the album as “existential, fun, colorful”.

“Overall it feels good to listen,” Deiondre said. “Colorful and bright. “

That’s exactly what Friday’s show was at the Royale. Spotlights danced to the beat, strobes swept through the crowd, and in the case of their nostalgic indie-rock song “ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS *”, the bulbs flashed blue and red like a police car siren. The heavy rock guitar and explosive drums energized the crowd even more.

“When we were [performing] “ACAB” was probably our best reaction to the song, ”Deiondre said after the show. “The people there were really receptive. “

That energy started with their opening track, a shattering and echoing track from their 2020 album “SURF” titled “SOUNDS LIKE FUN”. It’s a brief two minutes of a verse and a chorus, but their claim of the line “think I want to be a superstar” 30 seconds ahead of the rest of their set.

BLACKSTARKIDS smoothly transitioned to their second high powered track, a rich rock song from their new album “JIMMY NEUTRON”. With the excitement of the first track merging with the next, the crowd was eager to hear more.

They cooled off with their third track, “FRANKIE MUNIZ”, a groovy and airy track that felt like a refreshing road trip by the beach. Halfway through, TheBabeGabe had the audience swinging their arms to the beat and enjoying the band’s performance while being awash in a magenta glow.

BLACKSTARKIDS performed seven songs from their handful of album releases, proving their versatility across a range of genres and highlighting their musical inspirations. “FIGHT CLUB” jumps off the first beat with a futuristic synth-pop backing track and smooth rap from TheBabeGabe, while “TIME FIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN” uses a funky sound clip in the background that resembles the recognizable sounds from pop group MGMT, which the group says is an inspiration.

After the second opener, the beabadoobee number was greeted warmly on stage by the crowd. She jumped straight into a smooth strumming track from her 2019 “Space Cadet” EP, titled “Sun More Often,” which starts out slowly then warms up with drums reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie tracks. Then she started “Care”, the first track from her 2020 debut album “Fake It Flowers”.

With powerful and clear instruments, rumbling guitar and drums, and colorful lighting design, his performance struck a chord with the audience who rolled with the emotion of the song. The way the group collaborated is clearly heard, and beabadoobee also interacted directly with the audience who tossed gifts at him between songs.

BLACKSTARKIDS is becoming a revolutionary independent group. After touring with indie-rock band Glass Animals earlier this fall, they’re on the road with beabadoobee and have gigs with her until early December. Performing on this scale on a tour across the country was new to the group, but it allowed them to visit new cities and perfect their concerts. Deiondre mentioned that nerves never really go away.

“There’s that pit in my stomach with every show, no matter how many times we perform,” he said. “As soon as we start our first song, we’re kind of on autopilot and just having fun. It’s a super interactive experience, just having so many people looking at you.

TheBabeGabe said the BLACKSTARKIDS have “so much of a future” ahead of them.

“We just heard that everything will be fine,” TheBabeGabe said of the preparation for the new album. “At the end, when you have this amazing song you just did, you realize some of these issues don’t really matter because I’m in the room with my best friends.”

The group is focused on ending their current tour before working on a new project, but they have ultimate goals for the future.

“To be legends,” TheBabeGabe said. “Be something people talk about forever, be an inspiration not just to black children, well, certainly to black children, but to anyone who can relate to us.”

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