BLM’s Artist-in-Residence Program Will Feature Native American Jazz Fusion to Celebrate America’s Public Lands

WASHINGTON, DC – For the first time in Bureau history, BLM’s Artist-in-Residence program will include a multi-city tour, as Native American jazz trumpeter Delbert Anderson and his ensemble D’DAT visit six areas of national conservation and national monuments in June and July. Anderson will teach in music workshops, then perform in concert to celebrate America’s public lands.

The tour will end in Las Cruces at the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument on July 8-9.

Anderson and D’DAT combine jazz, funk and hip hop, producing a unique and compelling sound that appeals to people from all walks of life. Turning Navajo songs were a way for Diné to compose new pieces that reflected the present moment. Traditionally passed down from generation to generation, spinning songs have grown over time and are still present today.

Anderson, a faculty member at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico, found a tape of revolving songs and spoke with Native elders to explore the fusion of revolving songs and modern music today. today. D’DAT fused traditional and modern musical structures to create an exciting new sound.

“They had songs for everything, love, war, ceremony and healing. The spinning songs that influenced me were the ones that conveyed messages to our young people about good manners, Anderson said.

During Visiting the Painted MountainsAnderson and D’DAT will spend a day at each location researching Indigenous stories and music, followed by a second day hosting a workshop where students will help compose two original pieces of music and conclude the final day with a performance outdoor public.

The tour will begin with a workshop on June 14 before the June 15 concert at Canyons of the Ancients National Monument in Colorado. From there, Anderson and D’DAT move on to the June 17 workshop and June 18 concert at Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

On June 23, the band taught at Idaho’s Morley Nelson Snake River National Birds of Prey Conservation Area before a concert on the 24th.

The next workshop is scheduled for June 27 in Lower Deschutes River, Oregon, with the concert the following day, June 28. The tour then celebrates America’s birthday with a workshop on July 2 and a concert on July 4 in California’s King Range National Conservation Area.

Anderson then concludes Visiting the Painted Mountains near me with a workshop on July 8 and a concert on July 9 at the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument in New Mexico.

The July 8 workshop will take place at the Dripping Springs Natural Area La Cueva Group site and is open to the first 49 people who register online. This event is where the public can bring their instruments and participate in a workshop with Anderson and his band creating musical compositions for the next day’s concert.

The free concert will take place at Centennial High School at 7 p.m. on July 9 and is open to the public with no registration or ticket required.

The direct link to registration for the workshop day through Eventbrite can be found at

The workshop and concerts will adhere to any local or national Covid-19 attendance or social distancing restrictions in effect on those days.

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Corina C. Butler