Boosie asks State Farm Arena for $ 20 million after his arrest for fighting on stage

Boosie has got his hands on evidence that could exonerate him from the charges he picked up following a brawl during the Atlanta shutdown of the “Legendz Of The Streetz Tour”. In a recent Instagram Live, the Louisiana star revealed footage of the altercation before demanding compensation for the video’s findings.

“Nigga hit my boy with a gun, I got the video,” Boosie says in the clip, which sees a man draw his guns and point in the direction of him and his entourage. “The State Farm Arena isn’t supposed to let anyone with guns in the arena. You did anything. I have the video. You really messed it up. State Farm Arena… and you me. banned them all, then you can also send me back my $ 100,000 for my season tickets or you can go back since you all banned me.

Boosie was removed from the “Legendz of The Streetz Tour” after being caught fighting on the set of his performance. As REVOLT previously reported, the rapper joined in an altercation between two other men on stage before he allegedly damaged property and other items belonging to the production company. He was charged with inciting a riot and destroying property and was later released on bail, but he maintained his innocence, noting that he only fought in self-defense.

Following the incident, the Baton Rouge emcee encouraged Twitter followers who were able to capture footage of the fight. “5K FOR THE DUDE STAGE VIDEO (the one that dodges) SNEAKING MY BOYS WITH A GUN N CONCERT,” he tweeted on Oct. 9 alongside the contact information.

Now, with the desired footage in hand, Boosie is demanding millions of dollars from the staff at State Farm Arena. “I want $ 20 million,” he said in his recent live session. “I have the video here in my phone, right here. I have the video, it’s in slow motion. It was done badly, we were attacked with guns in State Farm Arena.

While Boosie is no longer on tour, he previously shared his plans to travel to the same cities and make appearances at scheduled afterparties.

Corina C. Butler

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