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Even though they enjoyed the time to create and take a break with their families, the brothers are making up for lost time. But with a canceled tour to complete and two new albums to take on the road, you can see why.

But Joel said he didn’t think the constant touring would last too long.

“I think it has changed the way we approach the future – how much we travel,” he said. “How much time do we spend writing and recording, all these questions that I think we’re going to ask of ourselves and our team. What it’s like to slow down, to be still, to recognize that we are beings. human, not human actions. “

He said the Summit spectacle will be very different from what Rapid City saw at Hills Alive. He said the outdoor stage shared by many groups limits what groups can do. But on the Relate tour they have a uniquely designed stage and a show that works in the huge new venue with all the lights, sound and LED screens you would expect from a show in a cutting edge venue. technology.

He said that between the new music and the band’s previous hits, this show captures the essence of the band better than any other tour.

“I am the most proud of creating this show than I have ever been,” he said. “It gives the most complete picture of who we are as men that we are as a group than we’ve ever done.”

Kent Bush is the editor of the Rapid City Journal. Contact him at [email protected]

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