Camino Group takes 2021 as the year they broke

The sound of the rotary engine you hear is the sound of a group camino.

Named after the muscle car at the height of fame, the pop-rock trio will release Friday with an eponymous debut album and Dan + Shay’s fall tour from Staples Center to Madison Square Garden. I have a concert opening.

“We’ve always said our goal is to be the greatest band in the world, says Jeffrey Jordan, who plays guitar and sings. “please.”

Band Camino It’s been around for five years now, with a great EP “try it out” with popular singles and a mix of rock and pop, with lyrics of confession and a sly sense of humor. Jordan calls it the “melting pot of sound”.

“The fans once created us as a genuine rock band,” says drummer Garrison Burgess, who has also recently been playing bass. “I know it’s not a graphic anywhere, but it should be.”

Songs such as “2/14”, “See Through” and “Daphne Blue” helped Billboard magazine name it “the next big thing in rock”. Taylor Swift included the group “Berenstein” in her “Songs I’m Loving Right Now” playlist in 2018.

Their 14-track debut album with Elektra Records shows much of the band’s lineup, from arena rock capable “1 Last Cigarette” to “Look Up” at mid-tempo when you hang up. And the sweet highlight “Sorry Mom”. They can play a quiet ballad and somehow say to the crowd, “Everyone dies anyway!” “

“We are not one-ride ponies. We can do what we want to say, we want to say what we want to say, but it still sounds like us, ”says Spencer Stewart, who sings and plays guitar. Said.

“I think one of our strengths is that we can always be ours, no matter what we do or what kind of songs we do.”

Jordan and Stewart first met at the University of Memphis, initially playing covers of songs by bands such as Kings of Leon, Coldplay and The Killers. Burgess joined the group in 2018 after Jeffrey and Spencer moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

The names of the bands came a bit at random: when they saw the Chevrolet El Camino, the founding members couldn’t comment on a list of possible names. They liked that “Camino” means “road” or “route” in Spanish and that the word “group” is included in the title.

“I feel like I’m trying to get the group back a bit,” Jordan says. “Right now it’s very easy to write your own songs in your bedroom or on your laptop. The collaboration aspect is not dead, but it certainly looks a little less.

The trio stayed in the middle of the desert for a month at the Sonic Ranch in Toniro, Texas, recording the entire album. The month to record the album was a luxury offered only for the pandemic.

“It’s hard to say COVID was good because it wasn’t. But what we could do to prepare our records was give ourselves time. This is what we usually do. You don’t have much, ”says Burgess. “No one makes such a record anymore.”

The group intended to record their debut on the spring and fall 2020 tours, but the pandemic has sped up the process to make it organic.

“I wrote so many songs in quarantine that it would have replaced the songs I already had, so it would have been another album,” says Jordan. “These new songs are like we are now.”

With an added twist, the band playing the cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” have an explosive song, “Know It All,” with lines on the road.

The Camino group may be on the line, but the members are very calm about the process, from their national TV debut at this year’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to the 2019 hit Lollapalooza. They’ve also won the coveted Bonnaroo slots. The festival was canceled due to heavy rains this year.

“We always thought it was a group that went step by step. I don’t think I ever woke up thinking, “I did it! Says Stewart.

“We put it in every job and it feels like you won it, so I want to think about making it a lot more valuable in the end.”

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Camino Group takes 2021 as the year they broke

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