Carlyn XP entertains her overseas fans; big virtual concert that will take place on December 26

Even across the waters, Carlyn XP – one of Dominica’s top performers – continues to keep her
fans have had fun with his virtual “Music Therapy” and plan to end the year with a massive Christmas concert dubbed an XPlicious Christmas.

It has been almost two years since the versatile artist alongside her husband, Cornell ‘Fingers’
Phillip, kicked off the Sunday online event on his social media pages, which provided an avenue
for viewers to release their stress from the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking exclusively to Dominica News Online (DNO) from the United States where the family is at the moment, they say there is no end in sight for the now highly anticipated and much talked about event. .

Carlyn XP said that while they encountered a few issues on their first move, they’ve since learned to comply with the changes and put the show forward.

“For us, when we went up there, it was a bit of a challenge because at home we had
everything including the studio and all the equipment. But when we travel we must
source the equipment and put it all together and make it happen. But at first it was a
a little challenge. But like I said we adapted to the change and we did what needed to be
done and so we were able to get by and continue the shows online, ”she explained.

Over the past year, the Bouyon Queen has also created many iconic virtual events such as
such as the Bouyon Jazz Festival, Calypso in De Yard, Hallelujah “The Praise Concert”, Bouyon
Splash, CarlynVal, not to mention the great XPlicious Christmas Special, vol. two of which are
coming December 26th.

Pioneer of Bouyon, musician Cornell Phillip, who is the husband and manager of Carlyn XP, informed DNO that this second edition of the Virtual Vacation Special promises to deliver Christmas cheers in an entertaining, yet safe way.

“Christmas is a time for the family and for sharing, caring, exchanging gifts, and it is also a time
to be festive so we thought what better way to do it, from the comfort of your life
place than to connect and enjoy the music and performance, what can I tell you is going
be exciting, ”Phillip said.

Apart from the bouyon queen, the paid event which can be purchased on
will feature the likes of Caribbean Cowboy Julian Riviere, Ban Akayo, Dj Snow and Slectah

“And for the people who participated last year, they already know what to expect and
more stuff because we have different artists this year. So it’s gonna be even bigger
and better and even more XPlicious for them, ”said Carlyn XP.

She further revealed that there were plans in place for all of her events to take place each year. Apart from its virtual broadcasts, XP continues to storm the airwaves with its music.

Earlier this month, she released her latest single ‘Go Down (Mr DJ)’ complemented by a
clip she directed which was edited by her manager husband. The song was composed by Carlyn herself, produced by Cornell and co-produced by Dernel Green and is said to be a precursor to the music XP plans to release in the upcoming carnival season.

According to the musician, she aims to create a buzz on the music scene with this groovy new song Bouyon / Soca.

“So we decided to make this video for the sound that we’ve had there for a long time now. It’s kind of old school mixed with new school and just to create a nostalgic feeling. So I have it. written to express how I felt when I went to a party and the DJ really enjoyed the music, ”she explained.

Her most recent music video, “Christmas Memory”, is a song that was released on her Christmas 2019 album, and now in the US the opportunity has arisen to shoot the clip.

Cornell revealed that the support, both local and international, has been overwhelming and “therapeutic” given the current circumstances.

“We were faced with unforeseen circumstances when the pandemic happened and we had to do something, both being independent we had to be creative. And we had to come up with ideas and see how we could survive, ”he said. “These virtual events weren’t something we actually planned, they were something that happened. And we saw the benefits of doing it and on top of that people were constantly encouraging us to keep going because just like we were helping them, they were helping us because we were also on our therapy.

Carlyn XP thanked her ‘army of bouyons’ for their continued support and
the criticisms she highlighted only made her “stronger and bigger.”

As for her next step, the now widely acclaimed Boyon Queen says she intends to release a lot more music, videos, albums and hopefully if there is a decline in pandemic, to do many more trips and performances to develop the army of bouyons. . For now, she says she enjoys the income she earns abroad, but does not rule out the possibility of returning to Dominica.

The Dominican artist is committed to continuing his music therapy and urged his fans and supporters to prepare for the year ahead.

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Corina C. Butler