Don’t miss the chance to see Jim Steinman’s Bat Out of Hell – The Musical in July

If you didn’t already know that Bat Out of Hell started life as a musical, it’s a fact that probably comes as no surprise – the songs are so theatrical and anthemic.

Titled Neverland and written by Steinman in 1974, the premise was a futuristic Peter Pan story. But the producers didn’t bite, so in 1977 the album was recorded instead, claiming an eight-year tenure on the UK charts, selling over 60 million copies worldwide and making Meat Loaf a global superstar.

When the show finally hit the stage in 2017, the result was much the same: two sold-out seasons in the West End and a “packed-out” run in Manchester. Following the death of Steinman last year, and more recently that of Meat Loaf, it certainly seems like the time has come for their theatrical legacy to embark on a national tour.

Martha, who plays Raven, said: “The show has always paid homage to the work of Meat and Jim. It is now up to us to continue to share their legacy and their greatness.

But you don’t need to know anything about the album to enjoy the show.

Glenn said, “It’s just a great night; high octane, high energy and like a party. Yes; it’s nostalgic for people who grew up with the album, but it’s also a great story that resonates with younger audiences.

Martha Kirby as Raven and Glenn Adamson as Strat in Bat Out of Hell – The Musical

And while the screenplay has its roots in JM Barrie’s Edwardian classic, there’s a rather surprising prescience to this big, bold and gripping reimagining.

“A group of teenagers have been frozen at the age of eighteen and cannot age beyond that point. But Raven manages to escape the virus and grow old. She meets Strat, one of the “ The Lost, and we follow their love story,” Glenn explained.

There’s no denying the success of the show. Critically acclaimed, voted for the BBC Radio 2 People’s Choice Award for Best Musical and eight WhatsOnStage Award nominations; audiences have already been wowed in Canada, Germany and New York, and soon in Las Vegas when the show’s residency kicks off in September at the Paris Hotel & Casino, followed by an arena tour of Australia in 2023.

The tour lasts until November, and with a return to London at the Peacock Theater next February, few in the UK will miss the chance to ‘go to hell’.

“It’s so exciting to visit all these wonderful theaters,” Martha said.

Glenn added: “This will be our first visit to the Theater Royal. We’ve heard great things from the theater and its audiences, so we can’t wait to bring the show to Plymouth.

The perfect post-pandemic pick-me-up, Bat Out of Hell – The Musical also honors the memory of two brilliant musicians. So grab your tickets today, paying tribute will be a total pleasure.

The musical is at the Théâtre Royal from Tuesday July 12 to Saturday July 23, 2022.

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Corina C. Butler