Eric Church to play free gig in Texas after canceling show to watch UNC-Duke Final Four

Country singer and North Carolina Tar Heels fan Eric Church is giving disgruntled fans a rain check after canceling an upcoming leg of the Texas tour to attend the NCAA tournament.

Church announced Friday that he would return to the Lone Star State for a “one-of-a-kind free show” in New Braunfels on September 2.

“Thank you San Antonio for allowing me to bring my family to this game,” Church wrote on Twitter. “It took me a minute to figure out how and when I could properly express my thanks.”

Church was scheduled to perform “The Gather Again Tour” at the AT&T Center in San Antonio on April 2.

Viewers didn’t have much to say on Wednesday when they found out the “Springsteen” singer would abandon them through a Message from ticket manager.

“As a lifelong Carolina basketball fan, I’ve seen Carolina and Duke fight over the years,” Church said. “But seeing them face off in the Final Four for the first time in NCAA tournament history is every sports fan’s dream.”

“It’s also the most selfish thing I’ve ever asked the choir [his fanbase] to do: give up on your Saturday night plans with us so that I can enjoy this moment with my family and the sports community, ”he continued.

The AT&T Center offered fans ticket refunds, but many complained about non-refundable travel costs on Twitter.

“Is Eric going to pay for their motel, their food and their trip? He ruined a weekend for a lot of people,” @Douglas89979785 wrote.

Eric Church is giving his fans a rain check after canceling a gig at the last minute.
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Eric Church with North Carolina Tar Heels coach
Church, a native of North Carolina, is regularly on the court or on the sidelines at Tar Heels basketball and football games.
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“How is it free if they already paid for the tickets and now they have to go to New Braunfels lol,” one A Twitter user asked.

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