Find yourself immersed in I Panic in his latest clip “I’m Here In The Fridge”

Strilling rhythms and addictive energy captivate the listener through the last track I’m here in the fridgethrough I panic. The song is masterfully crafted to offer listeners something unique and enjoyable to listen to. The song is well written and the simple yet poetic lyricism portrays an image of everyday life with some subtle references and metaphors. The upbeat and satisfying musical arrangement offers a feeling of increasing contrast and delicate anticipation. It’s amazing how the artist feeds the tension of listeners with her incredible vocal skills and intriguing lyrical interpretations. The original live version of this track has already been released and has garnered a lot of attention. With the premiere of the official clip, the buzz is even stronger.

The clip is featured by colorful sock puppets and another subject setting. Released under the label of Nuvole Music, “I am here in the refrigerator” creates an example of one of the best pieces of alternative theatrical rock. Some of the previous releases like “Kill the Dog”, “I will never”, “The Smile is Gone”, “Stronger”, etc. prove that this alternative rock band is artistic and creative. Originally from the Netherlands, I panic can’t wait to release more tracks in the next few days. Follow this group on YouTube to listen to their wonderful collection of music.

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