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Greeicy, Cultura Profética, “Te Creí” (UMG Recordings)

Greeicy teased fans on social media about “the nicest collaboration.” This week, she finally unveiled her new single “Te Creí” alongside the Puerto Rican group Cultura Profética. Created by DARK and AEME in the midst of the pandemic, slow-tempo reggae bop finds Greeicy melancholy and disappointed with someone’s broken promises. “Forget my songs / I’ll give you back your promises / You didn’t make any / And I believed you,” she chants in chorus. Frontman Willy Rodriguez, whose verse comes near the end of the song, harmonizes effortlessly with Greeicy throughout the song. Self-proclaimed fan of their music, the Colombian pop singer even went to Isla del Encanto to film the vibrant music video directed by Cacho Diaz. Watch it below: – JESSICA ROIZ

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Feid, Karol G, “FRIKI” (Universal Music Latino)

After having their freak at a show in their native Medellín, where Feid joined Karol G on stage for a perreo masterclass, the duo abandoned their new collaboration titled “Friki”. The giddy reggaeton single marks the first time Karol and Feid have teamed up for a track – which they also sang for the first time on their weekend show in Colombia – and it follows the tour of the singer, where she is joined by Feid in the first part. Interpolation of Karol G’s 2018 hit “The pineapple,” the song was produced by Noize and Sky Rompiendo. – GRISELDA FLORES

Cosculluela, “Tarde o Temprano” (Rottweilas, Inc.)

The Puerto Rican rapper and reggaeton star released “Tarde o Temprano”, marking the first single from his next studio album slated for 2022. The song is not only a gift for his fans, but also highlights a new proposal, mixing the characteristic sound of Coscu with an urban pop rhythm at medium tempo. ” Always listening to Romeo and Drake on Spotify / But when she feels lonely, she wants Coscu, Papi, there is no pause, brr, brr ”, he chants in a verse. – INGRID FAJARDO

Monsieur Periné, “Volverte A Ver” (Sony Music Latin)

Faithful to their big band jazz sound, “Volverte A Ver” by Monsieur Periné is a song of well-being designed for dancing and singing. The track produced by Rafa Sardina gives a preview of Monsieur Periné’s next album which will be released in 2022. Regarding “Volverte A Ver”, the group’s co-founders Catalina García and Santiago Prieto said: “We all have people that we love who are far away. The friends, family and partners that we miss and want to tell them that we are there for them on the other side, to wait for them, to think of them and to love them. – GF

Micro TDH, Nueve (Warner Music Latina / KING TDH)

Micro TDH’s connection with numerology is reflected on his new album Nueve, which he released on December 9 via Warner Music Latina. This month’s Latin American artist explained to Billboard that he understood that the numbers are spiritual and that the number nine “goes with the word Micro TDH and my mission as an artist and a public figure”. On his set of 14 tracks, the Venezuelan rapper takes fans on a musical journey that begins with “Negro Mate”, a low-rhythm reggaeton jam that merges with his iconic Andean musical fusions.

He then continues with previously released singles like “El Tren” with Myke Towers and the “Lobby” assisted by Pablo Alboran before becoming completely experimental: “Peligrosa” is a cheeky Brazilian funk, “Arrancame la Piel” degenerates into a jam funk groovy, and “La Mentirosa” has punk rock undertones. Micro also included some heartfelt R&B gems and ballads on this album because, as he said himself, “there is music for all kinds of people, for all kinds of tastes”. In the ultra-personal “El Inca”, Micro, originally from Mérida, located in the Andes mountains in the north-west of Venezuela, unleashes his talents as a rapper and his success story.

“This album was made with a lot of sweat, a lot of effort and a lot of blood,” he says – but most importantly, the whole “contemplates all facets of Micro TDH and preserves the essence of the beginning and also my ring today. Stream and listen Nueve below: – JR

Erika Vidrio, Lupita Infante, Nena Guzmán & Grupo Emperatriz, “Las Mexicanas”

When Mexican singer-songwriter Erika Vidrio created her network called The composers earlier this year, it was not only meant to help connect promising songwriters in the regional Mexican kingdom, but also to write and record songs together for more visibility and solidarity. “Las Mexicanas” was born from this project bringing together Vidrio, Lupita Infante, Nena Guzmán and Grupo Emperatriz for this new banda hymn which is an ode to the Mexican woman, intrepid, courageous and persevering. – GF

Tempo x El Alfa, “Happy Birthday” (Rompe Records)

Puerto Rican artist Tempo and Dominican dembow star El Alfa join forces to bring back the infectious rhythms of ’90s dance hit “I Like to Move It”, originally released in 1993 by the Colombian-American DJ and music producer Erick Morillo’s Reel 2 Real project. In this new rendition, El Alfa and Tempo spew witty verses with their signature vocals backed by punchy urban rhythms merged with classic house rhythms from the song. – IF

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