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The real-life drama of con artist-turned-federal informant Frank Abagnale Jr. will take place on stage at Marshall’s Memorial City Hall Performance Center this week when the Hallsville High School Drama Department presents their fall musical “Catch Me If You” can”.

The Broadway success re-enacts aspects of Abagnale’s life and times, similar to the 2002 film with the same title which starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

Hallsville High School high school student Cole Buzbee stars in his 21st production with the department as he portrays Abagnale and leads the FBI in a joyous pursuit of careers as a mock pilot, lawyer and doctor.

Abagnale’s high-flying attempts to outrun the federal government stopped when he met Brenda Strong, a nurse in the musical played by Mia Fierro, a junior from Hallsville High School, whom Abagnale falls in love with and decides to take he wants to settle down and start a family.

While Abagnale’s actual story ended a little differently, in the play that decision on Abagnale’s part ended with him ultimately being arrested by the FBI and offered a work to teach officers how to solve fraud crimes once Abagnale is released from a shortened prison term.

The musical, which the theater department has been working on since July, features a full cast of characters, including Brenda’s parents and family, hospital staff, flight attendants and lawyers who have worked with Abagnale and a group. full of relentless FBI agents.

Buzbee said the musical, which is directed by Hallsville High School theater director Shalem Carr, could be seen as both a comedy and a drama.

“There are some humorous parts, but I really like the technical side of this musical and can’t wait to show everyone what I can do,” said Buzbee.

Fierro said her favorite part about being Brenda is the fact that she’s not a typical sweetheart.

“She has a past, but despite it, she is motivated and passionate about pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor,” said Fierro. “She loves Frank, but she also has her own motivation and her own goals.”

Carr said that in her nine years as head of the school’s drama department, this was the first fall musical to feature a live orchestra.

“The orchestra is made up entirely of teachers and staff from Hallsville High School, and we also have teachers and staff from Hallsville High School playing in the room,” Carr said.

As Hallsville ISD builds its new high school auditorium, Carr said the theater department has chosen Marshall’s Memorial City Hall Performance Center as the location for their fall musical.

The show will begin at 7 p.m. on November 4 and 6 and at 2 p.m. on November 6 and 7. Tickets cost $ 11.50 each plus tax, and an online reservation fee and guests choose their seat when purchasing tickets online. Tickets can be purchased at https://www.ticketsource.us/hallsville-theatre The Memorial City Hall Performance Center is located at 110 E. Houston St. in downtown Marshall.

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