Independent label Hybe ADOR launches first band NewJeans

NewJeans Girl Group (ADOR)

NewJeans, the first girl group from ADOR, an independent label under the power of K-pop Hybe, threw their glitzy hats into the ring with their self-titled debut album on Monday.

Hybe is the multi-label entertainment company home to several major K-pop labels, including Big Hit Music, the label behind superstars BTS.

Brought together by ADOR CEO and Chief Producer Min Hee-Jin, NewJeans released their first digital album “New Jeans” on Monday night.

As the name suggests, the band’s name comes from a pair of jeans, and the five-member act hopes to become a musical icon across all generations and make music that can transcend time.

“Pop music is a culture close to our everyday life, so it’s like the clothes we wear every day. Jeans, in particular, have stood the test of time and have grown in popularity across all ages and genders. NewJeans aims to become an icon for generations that people will seek out daily and never get tired of, Min said in a statement.

NewJeans Girl Group (ADOR)

NewJeans Girl Group (ADOR)

The quintet consists of Kim Min-ji, Kang Hae-rin and Lee Hye-in from Korea, Danielle from Australia and Hanni from Vietnam.

With its retro sound, the five-piece K-pop group is ready to take off with its digital album, which is a four-track set consisting of three main tracks — “Attention”, “Hype Boy” and “Cookie” – – and the R&B-infused “Hurt.”

The first track on the album is “Attention”, a song about the excitement of falling in love and wanting the lover’s attention, on which Danielle is listed as the lyricist.

“Hype Boy”, the rookie band’s second lead song on the album, blends moombahton and electro-pop genres, and also features Hanni as a lyricist.

The group’s third track, “Cookie”, is a dance-pop song based on hip-hop beats with unique lyrics.

NewJeans Girl Group (ADOR)

NewJeans Girl Group (ADOR)

“We made this album with the same sincere heart that we have when baking cookies. In the same way that people can’t think of any other food once they indulge in a delicious cookie, we want to get out music that people are constantly looking for,” the band said in a press release about the new song.

Prior to their official debut, NewJeans were featured through a series of music video clips. The group released the music video for “Attention” on July 22 as part of a rollout to drum up interest in their debut album. He then released the song “Hype Boy” on July 23 through four different versions of music videos named after bandmates.

The music video for “Cookie” will be released Monday night, and NewJeans’ self-titled debut physical album will hit stores on August 8.

By Park Jun-hee ([email protected])

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