Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister recounts the band’s 50 year history with a new memoir, “Twisted Business: Lessons from My Life in Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Jay Jay French, founder, guitarist and manager of the world famous heavy metal institution Twisted sister, delivered a “Bizoir” – partly memory (and essential reading for any metal fan) and partly business primer – in Twisted business: lessons from my rock’n’roll life, an unexpected, swirling, hilarious and life-transforming story filled with French adventures.
Co-authored with Steve Farber, bestselling author and one of the world’s leading experts in leadership and management, Crooked business follows French’s life from his childhood as John Segall on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the ’60s – using and selling drugs in Central Park West – to quitting cold turkey after overdosing almost fatal, to creation and culture Twisted sister, which makes them one of the most successful brands in the world.
“I incorporated the story of my life into this mixture both as entertainment and as a warning” said the French. “With my co-author Steve Farber, we seamlessly weave the story of Twisted sisterthe remarkable 50 year story (with many legendary stories never told before) into business lessons applicable to all professions and even life in general. For the first time, the story of the rise, fall and triumphant return of Twisted sister is explained in amazing and often surprising detail.
French offers honest, funny, heartfelt, and entertaining stories from the rock band trenches, along with unique, hard-earned tips and advice for anyone looking to build their own brand, reinvent themselves, grow a business, or just love it. that they do.
“It’s a plan on how to survive and succeed against the toughest obstacles in the industry,” he says. “The TW ISTED method of reinvention (as described in the book) will help you turn roadblocks into paths, chaos into stability and ultimately help you achieve a better quality of life both personally and professionally.”
French launched international fame Twisted sister nearly 50 years ago and amassed 37 gold and platinum albums as a musician, manager, producer and executive producer while having given over 9,000 shows in 40 countries and sold 20 million records across the world. Founding member of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and co-star of the critically acclaimed documentary We are a crooked sister, he is considered a leading expert on vintage guitars and high-end music equipment.
Although legions of fans know French as the guitarist dressed in yellow and black for Twisted sister, he also shines as a business leader who has developed Twisted sister into a global brand with multiple revenue streams and made them one of the most licensed heavy metal bands in history. Popular podcast host The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond Music, French is also a columnist and keynote speaker who gives presentations to global Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit organizations.
Twisted business: lessons from my rock’n’roll life by Jay Jay French and Steve Farber is available now through RosettaBooks.
Jay Jay French will sign copies of Twisted business: lessons from my rock’n’roll life this Saturday October 2 at Barnes & Noble in Paramus, NJ.
Jay Jay French online:www.jayjayfrench.comwww.instagram.com/jayjayfrenchhttps://twitter.com/jayjayfrenchwww.facebook.com/people/Jay-Jay-French/100063491111465/www.podcastone.com/pd/The-French-Connection-The-Music-Business-and-Beyond

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