Joey Castillo opens up about the death of teammate Scott Weiland

Joey Castillo, the last drummer of late rock singer Scott Weiland’s solo band The Wildabouts, recently opened up about the Stone Temple Pilots singer’s death in an interview. In fact, Castillo said he was the one who discovered Weiland’s body. He added that the frontman had been plotting new music at the time.

Castillo, a former member of the Stone Age and Danzig Queens, explained this during a March episode of One life, one chance, the podcast hosted by punk musician Toby Morse, lead singer of H2O. Weiland died on December 3, 2015 of an accidental overdose on the Wildabouts tour bus.

On the podcast, Castillo says, “It’s even hard for me to talk about it because I found it when we were on the road.” (That admission surprises Morse, who says he didn’t know the specifics.) The drummer continues, setting the scene, “We were on tour, coming back. … We had the day off when it all fell apart. .”

When the public learned of Weiland’s death at age 48, the rock community responded in droves. Additionally, Weiland had other plans for the music. On One life, one chanceCastillo discussed a Weiland album project he was in the early stages of using.

That’s because the singer “had a lot of ideas and a lot of things he still wanted to do,” the drummer says. “He had really good ideas. … I said, ‘Yes, I can help you.’ And he asked me to reach out to a few people he wanted to work with. And without hesitation, each one of them said, ‘Yeah, I absolutely want to do that.'”

Castillo adds: “He was super happy with the whole thing. I was kind of his, at the time, like, ‘Hey, that person said they were down. It was something that really turned him on. And then, unfortunately, you know.”

A 2015 police report said it was Weiland tour manager Aaron Mohler who discovered the singer, per Radio Canada. The report added that Mohler then called Castillo, who was then unable to find Weiland’s pulse. According Fox 9a 911 transcript said Mohler went to see the singer after Weiland’s wife, Jamie Wachtel, was worried about not hearing from the rocker who also fronted Velvet Revolver.

Weiland formed the Wildabouts as a backing band after a five-year reunion with Stone Temple Pilots. Castillo joined The Wildabouts in 2015, succeeding drummer Danny Thompson; Castillo currently plays in The Bronx and Circle Jerks. Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown also died in 2015. Weiland’s 21-year-old son, Noah Weiland, is also a musician; He just went out Last kiss before detox.

Castillo addresses Weiland’s death about an hour into the video below.

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Joey Castillo talks to One life, one chance – March 28, 2022

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