Kanye West plans concert with Sunday Service in Russia as well as meeting with President Vladimir Putin this year

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Kanye west eagerly awaits a visit with President Vladimir Putin and his first show in the country with Sunday Service.

Kanye West to visit Russia later this year

The Grammy-winning rapper apparently wants to make the country – which currently has its eyes on Ukraine – a second home, according to sources close to the artist. These sources also said Billboard that Kanye West is a supporter of the Russian President who is also friends with former President Donald Trump.

The trip will be organized by Kanye’s lawyer Scott Balber and strategic advisor Ameer Sudan. Apparently West has wanted to perform in Russia since the formation of the Sunday Service. Why take the trip now As hostilities loom between Russia, Ukraine and the United States is something of a mystery at the moment.

Explaining the artist’s motivations, Sudan said Billboard “It’s Ye, Ye is going to get there anyway. What are they going to say? He’s going to be a special guest of the Agalarovs. Aras Agalarov is a real estate developer in Russia who is worth billions while his son Emin is a popular musician. in the country.

While no time has been given for the trip, Kanye West and company expect to hit Russia before the year is out – and the year is still young, folks. At the moment, Russia has a level 4 or “red” level b travel advisory.y the Office of Consular Affairs of the Department of State. Red basically means “Do not travel”. The main reason for this is:

The ability of the US government to provide routine and emergency services to US citizens in Russia is severely limited, particularly in areas remote from the US Embassy in Moscow and US consulates due to Russian government limitations on the US personnel and the suspension of consular services from US consulates. .

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Corina C. Butler