Kelsey Grammer Shines As Rock Star In “The Space Between”

Kelsey Grammer sings and plays the piano for her role in “The Space Between” as an eccentric has-been rock musician who loses his grip on reality.

Five things you should know:

  1. Grammer plays Micky Adams, whose lifeless musical career is resuscitated by an aspiring young musical executive played by Jackson White. Their eerie but powerful bond helps both take a step back on the music industry, life, love, and the space in between.
  2. “The Space Between” also stars Paris Jackson as a singer looking forward to her big break. Grammer remembers meeting Jackson as a child when he met his father, Michael Jackson, in New York City years ago. Grammer applauded his role in the film.
  3. The soundtrack to “The Space Between” features original songs by Rivers Cuomo, founder of Grammy-winning rock band Weezer. The songs feature voices from Cuomo and Grammer.
  4. In addition to confirming that a reboot of “Frazier” is in the works, Grammer noted that a cover of “The Game” is also in production. He executive produced the sitcom.
  5. Grammer’s executive produced “Girlfriends,” one of the most successful African-American television series. “I think ‘Girlfriends’ should come back,” Grammer said. “The girls have a lot to say about this.”

Corina C. Butler

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