Live Updates: Russia invades Ukraine

Russian troops “have slowed down their offensive” but continue to advance in Ukraine, according to a statement from the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff on Monday.

“During the air offensive operation, the enemy continued to engage military and civilian airfields, military command points, air defense systems, important critical infrastructure, population centers and units in the defense sector,” the statement said.

“In violation of the norms of international humanitarian law, the occupiers insidiously inflicted missile fire on residential buildings in Zhytomir and Chernyhiv.”

The statement added that Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks, “forcing the enemy to abandon the offensive”.

On Monday, artillery fire from one of the Ukrainian brigades destroyed more than five Russian convoys, the statement said.

CNN is unable to independently verify these claims.

Requests for desertion: The statement also said that “the enemy is demoralized and suffering heavy losses” and that “frequent cases of desertion and disobedience have been noted”.

“The enemy has realized that propaganda and reality are different. The occupiers are afraid of us. The defenders of Ukraine continue to maintain a stable defense,” he said.

On Sunday, Russia acknowledged a number of wounded and dead among its troops for the first time since the start of the invasion, but did not provide specific figures.

Corina C. Butler