Lost in the damning tales of “Heads Held High” by Arizona’s Rock Band One World Government

The music group One world government is known for its irresistible conspiracy and paranormal rock themes which are clearly reflected in their songs. Once I came across this song, I was overwhelmed and at the same time intrigued by their performances. The band from Arizona is known for having a high musical background in each of its songs. with a well-balanced picturesque for the song. Likewise, this video of the song “Heads up” was shot in a desert landscape with bright lights that are strongly associated with galas or carnivals. The song says the colors of love with the power to fall in love.

“Heads up” is a classic rock song with upbeat narrations and all-consuming tunes that will lift the mood of its audience. Produced by CD Baby and this song is part of the ‘Eagles & Serpents’ album. The members of the group of One world government have their uniqueness and together they form a great team with exceptional musical tastes. And these high musical auras will make the audience have the best musical gift through their songs. ‘Alien Highway’, ‘Darkness Comes’, ‘Gods Of Eden’, ‘Spiritual Cage’, ‘Death valley’ are some of their exceptionally attractive acts. They are available on Youtube and SoundCloud.

Corina C. Butler