Meeting with Olivia Sahaydak connected with senior Duke forward Olivia sahaydak to learn more about her. How did she break the chain of footballers in her family and where she wants to travel right now?

DG: How well has your family grown up with so many elite athletes? What was it like growing up in this environment?
Operating system : It was very competitive. Especially since I have a brother, I only have cousins ​​and I was the only girl, so I kind of had a competitive spirit and thicker skin from my youngest age. age. Everything was always a competition. There was always a winner and a loser in every game. We had bruises in the garden and we were fighting. I think it certainly contributed to our love for the sport and today our love for competition.

DG: How did you end up playing field hockey and not soccer with so many great soccer players in your family?
Operating system : I started [playing field hockey] in seventh year, a little late. I grew up playing football naturally. [I started playing field hockey] because all of my friends were doing it. I have always played soccer alone with friends from other schools. So i said [to my parents] “I’m in college now and my friends play field hockey, so I want to try it too. I fell in love with it from the start. I played field hockey and soccer for about two years and then I started, I think, my sophomore year in high school and hung up the cleats and traded it for the stick.

DG: What do you think are the similarities between soccer and field hockey?
Operating system : Certainly some things in terms of the actual field structure in terms of 11v11. The passage, the displacement and the positioning were reflected. There was a little more coordination in field hockey, I would say in terms of stick and ball work, but I was able to learn field hockey more easily because I had that football experience. Street hockey with my brother in the aisle all the time too [helped a lot]. “

DG: Do you remember a “welcome to college field hockey” moment?
Operating system : I came in the summer before my freshman year and to this day I tell every freshman who just did summer school because it’s the best. You get the lay of the land before everyone else gets here, you get to know everyone and really get a feel for it.
If I had to pick a time when I really felt it, it was the NCAA’s first round of my freshman year and I scored the winning goal. I was like ‘Yes, it’s time. Let’s do this. ‘ I think that’s when I realized I was ready for this and still wasn’t trying to fit in or get an idea.

DG: What does the game look like in ACC?
Operating system : It’s definitely competitive. I chose Duke for prestigious academics and competitive field hockey and the CCA is one of the toughest conferences. I love being part of ACC. Thanks to the national team stuff and even club field hockey, you grow up playing with or against all of these girls and they’ve all been to CCA schools so it’s always fun to play one. ACC game. It’s a great competition, but you can also see your lifelong friends. You always play harder against someone you know, so I think that triggers real competitiveness as well.

DG: Who on the team would be on your family feud team?
Operating system : Marykate neff. I would say Lexi davidson. Hmm… Caroline Hannan. This is a difficult question. I need someone to spice this up … so Barb [Civitella].

DG: Which artist, dead or alive would you like to see in concert?
Operating system : Billy Joel

DG: What is your dream vacation at this point in your life?
Operating system : I try to think of a place. I did the standard European tour. I would love to go to Ireland and Scotland. I also really want to go to Australia.


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