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It began on Monday with a farewell show in Kalamazoo and continued for a resplendent week of outdoor performances in Rockford, Meijer Gardens, Studio Park and Bell’s Beer Garden. Photo summaries.

Steppin’ Up at Bell’s: Joshua Davis and Steppin’ In It performed at the Beer Garden on Friday night. (Photo/Derek Ketchum)


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One band – Philly rock outfit mewithoutyou – started the week by saying goodbye to their Michigan fans.

Another – Desmond Jones of Grand Rapids – wrapped up the work week by saying “Good morning” at a “Listening Lawn” welcome concert at Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids with Elijah Russ Collective start it all.

Bid Adieu: Moisans toi at Bell on Monday. (Photo/Derek Ketchum)

As fan Jess Peterson said from her Studio Park plaza cover, “It’s more fun to be outside and be in nature than being locked up.”

Yes, the warm atmosphere, comfortable weather and upbeat rock band Desmond Jones songs made the show more of a summer party with friends than a ticketed event.

As people come to the stage to dance, the group even released an energetic new single, “Bunker,” which will be released on Monday.

At the same time, Friday night, Michigan’s iconic roots band Steppin’ In It and “Michigan songbird” May Erlewine returned to Bell’s Beer Garden in Kalamazoo for what was described as a “perfect night.”

Lying at work: Part of a fun night out for Desmond Jones. (Photo/Holly Holtzclaw)

This ideal evening ranged from originals, covers and Erlewine trivia to the crowd-pleasing set of Steppin’ In It that included guest appearances from Erlewine and singer Jen Sygit.

Earlier in the week, resplendent weather greeted fans reveling in world music at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park for the Tuesday Evening Music Club – with Samuel Nalangira Trio and Sharon Katz – as well as a tribute to Janis Joplin for the Rogue River Blues series in Rockford, with Kosmic Mama & The Holding Co.

Local Spins was present at all of these sites to capture the action week in photos.

PHOTO GALLERY: Moisans you, why? at Bell’s Beer Garden in Kalamazoo (Monday)
Pictures of Derek Ketchum

PHOTO GALLERY: Samuel Nalangira Trio, Sharon Katz, Goat Trip (Tuesday)
Tuesday Night Music Club at Meijer Gardens
Photos by Holly Holtzclaw

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