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At age 9, Wyoming-born Brett Hendrix learned to play the guitar on his own. At 14, he was the leader of his own group made up of his brother’s college buddies. For just under a decade after that, Brett made a name for himself as a solo artist and honed his craft. From booking to performance and everything in between, Hendrix learned everything he needed to know to be a full time musician. Having musical roots in blues and southern rock, Brett broadened his style by learning what it is today: a mix of country (with a Texan flavor), blues and rock.

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In 2018, Brett took his music on the road, covering 28 states and 52 shows in just 60 days. The SideShow Acoustic Tour was a success and earned Hendrix some notoriety which quickly transformed into joining Casey Donahew on tour for a year as a utility player (Brett played 5 different instruments on stage with Casey), then returned to his Wyoming roots to play alongside Chancey Williams for another two years.

“I learned a lot playing with Casey and Chancey. There is so much I thought I knew, but being on the road has proven to me that I can always grow and learn more about how the business works.

Photograph by Mike Davenport

Now 26, Hendrix has decided to try himself again as a solo artist. “I thought to myself that if I was to take the plunge and try to do the solo, now is the best time. I never want to ask myself “what if” by not taking the risk. Currently planning his next tour and working on some new music, Brett is diving head first into the next chapter of his career. “The people I have played with and the experiences I have had really helped me get there. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! With dates already on the books in Texas and Colorado, as well as shows soon to be confirmed nationwide, there are already plenty of opportunities for you to see Brett perform live.

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