Music Manager convicted of robbing thousands of people from Hudson Valley rock band

A music director who took tens of thousands of dollars from a Hudson Valley band will be spending time behind bars for robbing clients, authorities said.

Richard Clair, Jr., 52, a resident of Ohio and former manager of Orange County-based band “The Racer”, was sentenced to one year in prison for stealing $ 50,000 from them while falsely claiming that he was promoting an album. and concert tour.

Instead, Clair used the group’s funds to subsidize his personal expenses, which included groceries, fast food purchases and more than $ 8,500 in cash withdrawals, according to New York Attorney General Letitia. James.

When confronted with the group, Clair forged documents detailing a contract to make it appear that he had secured a recording contract for the group.

Although he tried to fool the group, James said that a State Police forensic audit established that Clair, instead, deposited the group’s money into a personal bank account, then had spent it all on personal expenses over the next few months.

Clair has spent over $ 13,000 in grocery stores, over $ 8,500 on cash withdrawals and thousands of dollars on fast food, coffee and other retailers.

By August 2016, the group’s money was completely depleted and Clair’s personal bank account was overdrawn.

When Clair failed to produce the recording deal he said was imminent, the band grew suspicious and began demanding their money back.

In response, in 2016 Clair falsely told the group that he had made a deal on their behalf with an Oregon-based label.

Clair never produced a signed agreement and ultimately the group demanded that he terminate any agreement he had in place and return the money, James said.

Clair then sent the band a bogus breakup deal, supposedly signed by the Oregon label.

“Richard Clair’s theft and dishonest management of money left ‘The Racer’ only with shattered dreams and an empty bank account,” said James. “Instead of honoring a promised recording contract, Clair worked hard for the money he stole – lying, tampering and committing crimes that left the musical trio penniless.

“Today’s conviction not only ensures that Clair will be put behind bars, but that he no longer has the option of leaving another group in the dust.”

Last October, Clair pleaded guilty to third degree robbery and criminal possession of a counterfeit instrument.

“This individual concocted a devious scheme to defraud these trusted members of the group with thousands of dollars,” New York State Police Superintendent Kevin Bruen said. “This individual’s conviction sends a strong message that those who rip off innocent victims will be held accountable for their crimes and brought to justice.”

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