Partner groups of celebrities and the music industry to mobilize young people

Yiaga Africa and the Not Too Young To Govern movement have expressed their willingness to support young aspiring political office holders in Nigeria and to promote the political inclusion of young people ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The group said it would explore viable partnerships in the entertainment industry to promote ideas on including young people and women in political dispensation.

Shedding light on how to encourage greater youth participation in politics at the Not Too Young To Run festival in partnership with UKAID and TASCK in Lagos, Yiaga Africa program director Cynthia Mbamalu said Nigeria would work if young people decided to go out and vote and participate in the electoral process.

She said the young people had the numbers and that was the reason for the collaborative effort, pointing out that the entertainment industry is powerful in Nigeria.

Mbamalu said, “In fact, entertainment made Nigeria global because entertainment brought us to the global map. The reason that many people know Nigeria is because of our music, movies and art and many young people are interested in this conversation when it is conducted from this space and this is what informed the partnership.

“Why entertainment makes us global, entertainment must also help us change the political outcome. Yes, young people make up the numbers, but we are not coming to vote. If you look at the 2019 general election in Lagos state, the young registered voters in the state made up 40.8% of the voters in Lagos were young people aged 35 and under. But the turnout was only 4 percent. ”

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Corina C. Butler