“People missed the sound of the guitar”

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way spoke about the resurgence of rock music in popular culture, saying people miss the sound of the guitar.

In a new career-spanning interview, Way discussed the archaic ‘rock is dead’ arguments, his love for Nirvana, and why he thinks rock music is creeping into pop music again. .

Discuss how Nirvana “had the grunge tag and [MCR] got the emo tag, “Way said,” I don’t think any of our bands have ever felt comfortable with these tags. I never really liked [other] grunge; it was Nirvana for me.

“I didn’t necessarily think of them as grunge – I guess they played it, but at the same time nobody else who was a grunge band really sounded like them, you know?” This is how I felt about My Chemical Romance too. We had emerged in this second wave emo scene, and it never really felt right. “

Discussing the emergence of My Chemical Romance in the early 2000s and how visions of rock music have changed since, Way added: and roll. Rock and roll was a really dominant thing.

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. CREDIT: Andrew Benge / Redferns via Getty Images

“And then pop starts taking a lot of risks, and then all of a sudden you see people trying to get bands to use guitars less. You keep hearing “Rock is dead”. If someone gave me a free guitar every time someone said “Rock is dead”, I would have a lot of guitars.

He added: “What I believe happened when the rock was gone, [when] you wouldn’t hear guitars in things, I think people really missed out on what you can get from a rock band and you can’t go anywhere else. They just missed the sound of the guitar.

“I think that’s why you start to hear them in pop. I think as this cycle continues the sounds are going to get heavier and more visceral because I think people just need that. I think people just need it.

Last week, My Chemical Romance announced seven new dates in Europe as part of their 2022 reunion tour.

After a handful of additional UK dates, the New Jersey band have confirmed additional concerts in France, Germany, Hungary and Poland to accompany their already announced series of rescheduled concerts.

My Chemical Romance broke up in 2013 but reunited in 2019 for a show at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles. Shortly after, they announced tour plans, but these were delayed due to the coronavirus.

Corina C. Butler