Phoenix Choir performs its first concert in over two years

The Phoenix Choir are delighted to announce that they will be performing again after a two and a half year sabbatical on Saturday April 2 at East Cowes Town Hall.

The pandemic resulted in the cancellation of all 2020 concerts and 2021 options did not materialize due to lockdown restrictions.

Looking for alto and bass singers
The number of choir members declined during this period mainly due to retirements and members leaving the island. There are now opportunities in the Alto and Bass sections.

Those interested should be able to read or follow music closely. Please contact the Music Director for details ([email protected]).

2022 program
Our 2022 concert programs will feature a large percentage of new songs for the choir and will once again feature the same eclectic mix of tunes from musicals, films and other popular numbers.

The choir was established in 2009 and to date has raised over £50,000 for good causes and local charities.

Fundraising for a centenary organ
The April 2 concert is in aid of the East Cowes Methodist Church Organ Fund.

The organ is 100 years old and the necessary renovation requires transport to the mainland, which entails travel and associated costs.

We hope you will support the return of the choir and help raise the necessary funds for this worthwhile project.

News shared by Robin on behalf of The Phoenix Choir. Ed

Corina C. Butler