Prospect Theater Company announces fall concerts at Symphony Space

Prospect Theater Company has announced two special one-night-only concerts of a new piece of musical theater at New York’s Symphony Space (2537 Broadway, 95th Street). On Tuesday October 26 at 7:30 p.m., the company presents REIGNITE, an evening of new songs from works in progress from an exciting lineup of emerging and established writers. On Wednesday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m., the company will present RULE OF THREE, an evening of concert featuring hot offerings generated in its annual musical theater lab.

Tickets for both events start at $ 25 and are available at or by calling the Symphony Space box office, 212-864-5400.

Spectators must be fully vaccinated and masks are mandatory. To access Symphony Space’s full COVID security protocols, visit:

REIGNITE is relaunching Prospect’s IGNITE series, a concert initiative featuring today’s new voices shaping the musical theater of tomorrow. The evening will preview songs from shows in development over the past two years, including a live performance of a song from Prospect’s VISION series film, Don’t Stay Safe (Drama League nomination Award 2021 for Outstanding Digital Theater).

Writers on the program include Broadway veterans and award winners Fred Ebb, Jonathan Larson and Kleban, as well as emerging voices sharing work on YouTube and TikTok. The program features songs from: Isabella Dawis & Tidtaya Sinutoke (Half the Sky), Tia DeShazor & Derrick Byars (The Pact), Cheryl L. Davis & Douglas J. Cohen (Don’t Stay Safe), Mindi Dickstein & Carmel Dean (Maiden Voyage), David Gomez & John-Michael Lyles (Shoot for the Moon), Timothy Huang (Peter and the Wave), Joriah Kwamé (How To You), Christine Toy Johnson & Jason Ma (Broken Ground), Stacey Luftig & Phillip Palmer (Amelia and Me), Ou Matias & Etai Benson (Once I Was), Janine McGuire & Arri Lawton Simon (Express), Eric Price & Will Reynolds (The Violet Hour), Jesse J. Sanchez (Sueños), Katya Stanislavskaya (The Poorhouse Project) and Paulo K Tiról (Called).

The cast of REIGNITE will include a lineup including former Broadway and Prospect artists: Iris Beaumier, Ally Bonino, Hana Bookman, Michel Castillo, Christiana Cole, Kristian Espiritu, Rachel Flynn, Albert Guerzon, Adam Hyndman, Ashley Jenkins, Joriah Kwamé, Jaygee Macapugay, Orville Mendoza, Meadow Tien Nguy, Vishal Vaidya and Tatiana Wechsler.

Casting and additional information for the RULE OF THREE Musical Theater Lab concert will be announced at a later date.


HALF THE SKY – Isabella Dawis (book / lyrics) & Titdtaya Sinutoke (music)

The story of an Asian American woman climbing Mount Everest. A contemporary American musical on a global scale, infused with the sounds of traditional Thai and Himalayan folk music.

Spring 2020, NYC: How can Franki protect Taylor, his ex-girlfriend, and Eddie, his younger brother? DON’T STAY SAFE engages in the ongoing fight for racial equality and civil rights, examining the risks of protest … and the risks of staying safe.

THE PACT – Tia DeShazor (book / lyrics) & Derrick Byars (music)

When three estranged childhood best friends attempt to rekindle their friendship with a boisterous weekend in New York, they find they no longer fit together as tightly as they did before and are forced to redefine brotherhood as individuals. in a way that can divide them.

A musical inspired by the true story of the 1989-1990 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race, in which the very first all-female sailing team found the courage and determination to conquer the seas – and entered into the story.

Shoot for the Moon is set in Harlem 100 years ago and explores a fictitious and forbidden gay love story between Mercy Wheatley, a black boxer, and Federico García Lorca, a famous Spanish poet who studies abroad at the Columbia University.

PETER AND THE WAVE – Timothy Huang (book / music / lyrics)

A road trip story about Peter Saer, an American who must travel to Japan to identify and recover the body of her deceased husband, a visiting Japanese American. In the absence of any marriage equality protection, the body is mistakenly shipped north to the closest living relative before Peter and his translator Tomoko Hosaka can claim it.

HOW TOI: THE BLACK BOYHOOD MUSICAL GUIDE РJoriah Kwam̩ (book / music / lyrics)

A musical fantasy that follows the journey of YOU, the unborn spirit of a black man, who appears in limbo to prepare to go out into the world. With the help of a wise, talking owl and six personified “chapters”, YOU are awakened to the realities of identity, race and humanity.

A young girl named Xue Lan embarks on an unexpected journey to femininity. Guided by the beloved spirits of the deceased family, the desires of her heart, and one or two goddesses, she finds her purpose and true destiny.

AMELIA AND ME – Stacey Luftig (book / lyrics) & Phillip Palmer (music)

The untold story of Amelia Earhart and her best friend, Jackie Cochran, a rambling young pilot who knows Amelia is not ready for her doomed round-the-world flight and tries to stop her.

ONCE I WAS – by Or Matias (music / lyrics) & Etai Benson (book)

Set in the summer of 1968 in Haifa, Israel, Once I Was follows the unlikely friendship of restless teenager Arik and matchmaker Yankale Bride, amid a vibrant new world of immigrants, lovers, prostitutes … and survivors of everything that happened “out there” in Europe during WWII.

An original immersive musical about building community, fighting injustice, and finding a way through tough times. The action takes place entirely on the New York City subway during several turbulent eras and follows transformative moments in the lives of three generations of a multiracial American family.

On April 1, 1919, John Pace Seavering, a young publisher, owns a machine that inexplicably begins to print pages from books of the future. Once he decides he wants to change that future, time is running out … Based on a play by Tony Award-winning Richard Greenberg.

SUEÑOS: OUR AMERICAN MUSICAL – Jesse J. Sanchez (book / music / lyrics)

A new Latin American musical that tells the untold story of a Mexican-American family as they face challenges, make sacrifices, break cycles and celebrate the community in their pursuit of the American Dream. This multigenerational story follows the protagonist, Ali, as he comes of age and discovers his identity, potential, and homosexuality amid a pious upbringing.

THE POORHOUSE PROJECT – Katya Stanislavskaya (book / music / lyrics)

Set in post-Civil War New York state, THE POORHOUSE PROJECT focuses on the conflict between privileged charitable reformer Josephine Lowell and a working-class mother, Rebekah, and examines America’s relationship with poverty and morality.

CALLED – Paulo K Tiról (book / music / lyrics)

The Philippines is the call center capital of the world, with over a million Filipino telephone agents serving American customers – and claiming to be American! – everyday. Called tells the story of one such agent: an ambitious, gifted woman named Carmela, who is five days away from fulfilling her long-held dream of being transferred to the United States.

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