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Roger Taylor of Queen’s says John Deacon is “quite fragile”.

The 70-year-old former bassist retired from the legendary rock band in 1997 – six years after his comrade Freddie Mercury died of complications from AIDS – and has tried to stay out of the spotlight and away from people since then because that he’s not in a great place mentally.

Taylor explained, “It is [John] quite fragile. He took so much of Freddie’s death. “

The 72-year-old drummer believes it took the band – also made up of Brian May – at least “five years” to get over Freddie’s passing.

He told The Times newspaper: “It was a dark time, a massive loss.

“It wasn’t just the band, it was more personal than that. I think it took five years for it to really sink in.”

The “We Will Rock You” hitmakers embarked on a tribute concert at Wembley Stadium in 1992 and completed a posthumous album, “Made in Heaven” in 1995, but they were convinced it was the end of their time. as queen after this.

Taylor explained, “It was a way to deflect some of the grief. We thought that was it. It was wonderful. But it was over.”

However, it was far from over and their album “Greatest Hits” – released in 1981 – remains the best-selling album in British history and, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the group has remained in the album and streaming charts.

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