Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy ‘indirectly’ reached out to Warren DeMartini – ‘Everybody’s talking about a meeting’

Despite a legal battle a few years ago for performing rights under the Ratt name, there seems at least to be a possibility of reuniting classic Ratt programming. Singer Stephen Pearcy explained the inner workings of the band during a recent interview with Waste Some Time With Jason Green (as seen below).

Pearcy has stated in the past his desire to bring together Ratt’s classic lineup to record new music and he recently performed a live concert with drummer Bobby Blotzer, who was the lead member at odds with the rest of the band on the use of the Ratt name a few years ago.

“Look, we’ve all had our tours – everyone. It just wasn’t me against anyone. We all had our tours, like most bands do. That’s how you get it. longevity. We always got back together because it’s music. And that’s my main concern, “said Pearcy. “The bands that have had that kind of longevity – and thank goodness for that, because there are bands that never had the time of day in the ’80s that are more broadcast and noticed than ever …”

“We’re not the most dysfunctional. I’ll tell you, there are bands that don’t see each other, they just go on stage to take care of business,” adds the singer. “There is always a business in the music business, if you want it to be.”

He continued, “It’s not just Bob – we’ve all had our tour. I mean, that’s how it works. You’ve been a bunch of brothers for so many years, you piss each other off. one over the other and shit happens. But I got him to say that I see no reason to make a Ratt record unless it’s all the original members; there is no reason. I can just write songs and do what I do because it makes me happy. I can do it whenever I want.

Guitarist Warren DeMartini left Ratt shortly after siding with Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier’s reunion plans in the battle over the use of the name with Blotzer. Asked by Green about DeMartini, Pearcy said: “Indirectly, [I contacted Warren] probably a few weeks ago. “

He then said that even if they had not connected by e-mail, the messages were transmitted “by sources”. The singer then added, “Put it this way: everyone’s talking about a reunion and that. Hey listen, life is short. I can sit down and do nothing, but it’s not. not the kind of person I am, whether in music or whatever. I’m just going ahead. If anything goes wrong with the original members, it would be wonderful. If not, this is life. “

In 2019, Croucier said in an interview that after bringing the new range up to date on the road, he felt it was “natural, obviously, for us to record.” Pearcy revealed later that year that he had “about 15 songs” to offer when the band reunited in 2020 to record new music and an October 2020 update showed the band were actually entered the studio. But in January 2021, Pearcy shared his desire to only release a new record with the original lineup.

In recent years, Pearcy and Croucier have remained the only original members of Ratt’s current lineup, with a group currently made up of Pete Holmes, Jordan Ziff and Frankie Lindia. The group got an extra boost in their profile in 2020 when they appeared in a Geico commercial.

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