Saint-Louis ranked among the best gastronomic destinations

ST. LOUIS – St. Louis was named one of the best places to go to eat by

“St. Louis has carved its way into the top 15 dining destinations in America,” said Danny Meyer, a prolific restaurateur, in the article. “The reason is that the chef and restaurant community is so tight-knit and aligned to make their city shine.”

The article links to 26 essential restaurants located in the St. Louis area, from Italian to Chinese to Japanese and more.

“Competitors operate like a giant restaurant group. Established chefs like Qui Tran, veteran owner of famed restaurants Nudo House and Mai Lee, regularly collaborate with newcomers like Kurt Bellon’s mobile Japanese sando shop Izumi, driving exposure and investment while keeping the fresh culinary scene,” the article states.

“And immigrant-owned businesses like Chiang Mai, Akar and Diana’s Bakery thrive on the shared belief that respect and self-representation are the best ways to celebrate kitchens.”

The article also suggests coming to town in early fall when the region’s humidity has subsided to catch a postseason baseball game or concert in Forest Park.

“A must-try: St. Louis-style cracker crust pizza topped with Provel cheese and always cut into squares, with a side of grilled ravioli,” the article reads.

For the full article, visit Eater’s website.

Corina C. Butler