SiXX: AM to release album ‘SIXX: AM HITS’ with 6 new songs

SiXX: AM release a collection of their greatest hits and 6 new songs!

The iconic rock band, consisting of Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba and James Michael, is set to release a new project called SIXX: AM HITS, a retrospective celebration of the band’s greatest hits, new tracks and fan favorite songs.

From the new celebration album, the rock band shared the lyric video for “Pray For Me,” track 4 of their upcoming SHOTS project via Best noise music. The track originally appeared on the very successful The soundtrack of the heroine diaries. This is the second lyric video to be unveiled from the SHOTS project. You can watch the new lyric video for “Pray For Me” below.

SIXX: AM HITS is available for pre-order and pre-register now on all platforms HERE. See below for the full song list.


1. Life is good
2. It will hurt
3. The lies of beautiful people
4. Pray for me
5. Get up
6. Stars
7. Maybe it’s time
8. Skin
9. The belly of the beast
10. Are you with me now
11. Girl with golden eyes
12. Accidents can happen
13. I have to do it right
14. We will not go quietly
15. The first 21
16. Talk to me – Radio mix
17. Penetrate
18. Wait all my life
19. Skin – Rock Mix
20. Life is good – vocal piano

In addition, Sixx, Ashba and Michael release the album in addition to the upcoming Sixx memoirs, THE FIRST 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx.

After 21 years of abstinence, Sixx, also a founding member of the legendary music group Mötley Crüe, is incredibly passionate about his profession and an open book about his life in rock and roll.

In the memories, Sixx fills the first parts of her compelling true story, telling the inspiring story of her first 21 years, how Frank Feranna became Nikki Sixx. Combining his work as a writer and a musician, The First 21 continues Sixx’s tradition of defining the soundtrack of its own life, offering works of art on multiple levels. In 2007, Sixx: AM released the soundtrack to The Heroin Diaries, alongside Sixx’s best-selling memoir. The Heroin Diaries: a year in the life of a broken rock star, bringing the concept of a book soundtrack into popular culture.

The book and album were hits upon release, with the book instantly becoming a New York Times bestseller in its first week, selling in bookstores across the United States. Critically acclaimed and ultimately Gold Certified in the United States, IGN praised its effectiveness as a concept album, writing: “[It’s] not really an album but more of a musical book. It is almost impossible to recommend specific songs over others. Developing this artistic signature, The First 21 will now have its own soundtrack with the upcoming HITS album.

The group is also celebrating its catalog with the new “Sixx: AM 101 Playlist” on Spotify. The playlist consists of a comprehensive collection of the band’s acclaimed catalog. Post it HERE.

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