Small businesses in western MI team up to create pop-up store

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – A group of small business owners gathered on Saturday for a pop-up store in Grand Rapids to support each other this holiday season.

They say they are happy to have the support of the community and of each other.

“After losing my job during the pandemic, I decided I was going to invest in myself,” Tamika McAfee, owner of Tamia’s Boutique and Beauty on 28e Street in Grand Rapids, says. “It was just amazing to be able to see my dream, and the name of my shop is my daughter’s name. I felt openness was his living spirit through this business.

McAfee’s daughter, Tamia, passed away at just 7 hours, 24 years ago. The shop bears his name.

“You just have to get people to believe in you, to support you, to see your dream, to see your vision,” McAfee said.

McAfee hosted a pop-up store with 10 other vendors. Sharon Dawson and Shawna Box are two of them.

“I just think when we come together as a unit it makes things so much better and helps us network and people can recognize us because we’re so small,” Dawson said.

“We’ve all been through a rough time with the pandemic, so now is a great time to give,” Box said.

These women say it’s important to support local businesses this holiday season.

“Supporting small businesses because it starts where you are,” said Nycky Seals, director of Tamia’s Boutique and Beauty. “To be big you have to start small, so start with your local businesses, and we’ll end up being where Nike and Adidas are as well.”

McAfee is happy to have been able to provide this space for entrepreneurs in Western Michigan to come together.

“It’s amazing because I waited for this, I dreamed about it, I saw this, I wrote this to make it really happen. This is amazing. It is overwhelming; it’s very overwhelming, ”McAfee said.

The companies that participated in the pop-up store are:

  • Sunshine stools and more
  • Nic Nac Savory Treats
  • Interior decoration by Shortcake
  • This is the treasures of Rekennas
  • Lola J Store
  • Boutique Jacques Boutique
  • PrincessSkylaCreations
  • Royal Touch Shea Butter
  • Hustle Pray Eat
  • Die to live

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Corina C. Butler