Snow squall blocks men on way to Reba McIntyre concert in Ky

The driver and a friend were traveling to a Reba McIntyre concert in Lexington when deep, fast-falling snow began falling on Gene Snyder Freeway.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Kentucky Transportation crews continue to work to treat and clear roads affected by Friday’s snowfall.

The Gene Snyder Highway was perhaps the most problematic for drivers.

Some were stuck on the highway for nearly six hours trying to get home.

“I was shaking. I was so terrified. It was awful,” Jacob Raizor said.

Raizor and Eric Gray were on their way to Reba McIntyre’s concert in Lexington on Friday when deep, fast-falling snow began falling on the highway.

“He said, let’s go to 64 and see if we want to turn around, and everything stopped. We were stuck,” Raizor said.

They said the scenes were amazing.

“We didn’t see anything of cars stopping and sliding. We saw cars passing us a bit and they were getting stuck and you could see their tires spinning, and you could see trucks pulling other trucks out of position blocked.”

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Johnny Edelen had a similar experience.

“Cars, tractor-trailers, vans turned sideways, all over the road. Everyone crashed, wrecked, sideways in the ditch,” he said.

Edelen said he was a trucker, so he’s been stuck in long traffic jams before due to weather and accidents, but he was shocked because he says he didn’t see any emergency crews .

“We don’t know who had babies in the car with them. Old people maybe. We just don’t know what’s going on – there may not be a single response person emergency at the scene, it’s a joke,” he said.

WHAS11 News asked the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet how it went.

District chief engineer Matt Bullock said despite days of preparation, the heavy traffic on the Gene Snyder washed away the salt and brine, then more snow covered the ground and the cars started to slide .

“This is just one of those scenarios where we have an incident and we can’t get to the area where we need to get the next round of materials.”

He said heavy rush-hour traffic blocked the freeway, preventing salt trucks from getting to where they needed to go to reprocess the freeway.

Bullock says he knows the situation wasn’t ideal.

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“We appreciate people’s patience and sometimes we know Mother Nature has the winning hand,” he said.

Whether the next event is another flurry or just a little dust, Razor knows one thing for sure.

“I won’t be driving my car,” he laughed.

KYTC officials said motorists traveling Saturday night through Sunday should be alert for sudden slippery spots and black ice on the roads.

“Remember that salt has limited effectiveness on ice when it’s very cold,” said KYTC Secretary Jim Gray. “The best advice is to limit travel and be alert when you have to travel.”

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