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There’s efficiency, and then there’s what the St. Michael’s football team managed to accomplish on Friday night against the Santa Fe Indian School.

In a game no one expected to be close, the second-placed riders in Class 3A made sure there were no surprises from the Braves hosts and a roster. of the SFIS which did not include its best player, Fenyx Morningdove. Released with an undisclosed injury, the SFIS senior stood on the sidelines and watched the visiting Horsemen fight their way to a 53-0 victory in their District 2-3A opener.

The game was interrupted midway through the third quarter via the 50-point leniency rule. Before that, the game went well, thanks to the clock ticking after the Horsemen (6-1, 1-0) opened up a five touchdown lead with 10 minutes left in the first half.

“I told the kids we want to come here, do some work and get out of here early without anyone getting hurt,” said St. Michael’s coach Joey Fernandez.

The assault began with a 62-yard punt return from Devin Flores for a touchdown, breaking a scoreless tie in under three minutes.

St. Michael’s has scored seven offensive touchdowns in just 14 snaps. The riders finished with just 8 minutes and 3 seconds in possession time, almost half of which was on short runs after starting the clock.

Flores scored three touchdowns while Diego Armendariz, Isaac Ruiz, Marcus Leyba, Daymon Lujan and Zachary Martinez each scored once. The starting quarterback, Martinez went straight into video game mode under the center.

He finished 5 for 6 for 191 yards and four touchdowns, then finished with a score of 81 yards on the SFIS sideline to end the game with 4:28 left in the third quarter.

If one used the NFL quarterback rating system, he would have had a perfect score of 158.3. If this was the NCAA formula, it would have been 570.73; the perfection being 1.261.6.

“You know, we’ve really started attacking now that we’ve all played the last few games together,” Martinez said. “It’s fun when it’s like that.”

Without Morningdove, SFIS (5-3, 0-2) has never done anything in attack. The Braves finished with negative yardage, getting 14 yards on three completed passes but minus 37 in the rushing game. The Horsemen’s defense was just too quick, pinching the edges and blowing the line almost every play.

SFIS has now been outscored 106-0 in two district games, first by Robertton and then by St. Michael’s. The Braves hope to bring back enough players to improve in time for their next outing, a road trip on Oct. 15 to the top-ranked and undefeated Raton.

Raton (8-0, 2-0) withstood a Robertson rally in the dying seconds on Friday night, winning 28-26 when the Cardinals (6-2, 1-1) were turned down in a conversion attempt with two points equaling the game. with only two seconds remaining.

St. Michael’s will close the regular season at home on October 30 against Raton, but what lies ahead is a real gauntlet of 3A power programs. The Horsemen will host West Las Vegas (6-1, 0-1) next week, then travel to Robertson on October 22.

“And two of those teams will have a week off before they see us, so there you go,” Fernandez said. “All we can do is have one good day of training at a time. If we prepare as we know it, I think these kids feel like they’re going to be ready.”

Quality music: Some schools have brass bands. Santa Fe Indian has a rock band.

With a limited number of fans (all of them parents and SFIS students) allowed to watch Friday’s game, the school formed a five-member musical group that settled just outside the Braves’ locker room. . It was led by a bass player who, to be fair, was rock solid when playing songs during breaks, all played out over four large area speakers.

Something is missing: The Horsemen have a post-game tradition where players head to their cheering section and pay tribute to their fans by doing show jumps while spelling out the team name.

The problem with Friday’s game was that no visiting fans were allowed due to coronavirus safety protocols.

This did not deter the players. After visiting Fernandez and the rest of the coaching staff, they ran to the sterile bleachers and did their thing anyway.

Reader’s summary: Of the Horsemen’s seven offensive possessions, five were two games or less while one required three games. The longest and most time-consuming journey took four shots and covered 69 meters in 3:03 – all with the stopwatch to open the third quarter. It ended with a 33-yard touchdown from Lujan to make it 47-0.

Have fun with this: Fernandez struck a deal with his team two weeks ago against No. 1 Socorro. If the defense forced five turnovers, the team could skip the dreaded “cone” conditioning exercise in practice the following Monday. That’s exactly what they did, forcing five mistakes.

The deal with Friday’s game: Finish it via the 50 point mercy rule at halftime and they could jump cones again.

No chance. It was only 41-0 at halftime.

Corina C. Butler

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