Sundae and M. Goessl perform at Mesquite Library



Kate Voss and Jason Goessl perform in a fun concert at the Mesquite Library branch on Saturday night. PHOTO BY BOBBIE GREEN / Progress.

The Mesquite Library branch hosted a fabulous free retro concert on Saturday evening June 19th. The duo known as Sundae and Mr. Goessl performed at a concert open to the public, all courtesy of the Clark County Library District.

The duo’s Sundae are award-winning retro singer Kate Voss. And Mr. Goessl would and Jason Goessl, an accomplished jazz guitarist. These two artists have come together in life and musically to entertain audiences across the country. They travel all over the place in their 30-RV bringing their delicious interpretations of their past favorites to the public.

Sundae’s voice lends itself to big band era music and torch songs. She was a piano teacher for ten years. This explains how accomplished it is with the Melodica, a free reed instrument. It looks like a small portable keyboard but is powered by an air tube. Sundae blows through the air tube as she plays the keyboard.

Goessl is not only a wonderful guitarist, but he also does practical footwork. Its keyboard is a pedal located on the ground. While playing and alternating between one of the four different guitars, he pedals on the step. Talk about walking and chewing gum at the same time!

The duet’s interpretation of Blue Bayou was a knockout. Between songs, the audience was treated to a slew of cheesy, mostly funny jokes.
Their last song was “Unforgettable”… and it was.

Unfortunately, the concert attendance was not exceptional. There were 15 people present to hear these great sounds.

But at the end of the evening, the public had the chance to mingle with the two artists and tell them how much they appreciated hearing these wonderful old favorites.

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