Surrey city center BIA hosts music and dance event – Surrey Now-Leader

“The Bahama Showgirl” Androsia Wilde performs during the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association’s weekly “Surrey Voices” series. Wilde danced at the ‘Caribbean Voices’ event in Holland Park on Wednesday August 4 (Photo: Lauren Collins)

Caribbean Voices: Downtown Surrey BIA Hosts Music and Dance

Another ‘Surrey Voices’ event planned for this summer

The Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association hosted its second of three Surrey Voices events on Wednesday August 4th, highlighting the city’s different communities.

Wednesday’s event featured performances by the musical group Sweet Pan, who then held a short workshop on steel drumming, and “The Bahama Showgirl”, Androsia Wilde.

According to the DSBIA, Sweet Pan specializes in Caribbean rhythms on different sizes of drums and has performed for dances, weddings, corporate events, community events, and interactive concerts since 1994. Meanwhile, Wilde ” infuses the glitz and glamor of a Vegas-style showgirl with the rhythms and flavors of her home, the Bahamas.

There is another “Surrey Voices” scheduled at Holland Park on August 11 from 1 to 2:30 p.m., featuring Japanese art, music and dance.

The first event, July 28, was focused on the Indigenous community, with performances by the Wild Moccasin Dancers, who then led a small workshop on Kung Jaadee’s powwow dance and storytelling.

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