Tommy Stinson kicks off winter tour tonight at DC WCP

Tommy Stinson at the Pearl Street Warehouse

At the start of another uncomfortable New Year, kicking off your 2022 gig with a rock and roll survivor might bode well and you are in luck because Tommy stinsonThe s winter tour kicks off in DC on January 5 at Pearl Street Warehouse. Stinson, the bassist of the biggest bar group not be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (The substitutes– they were nominated in 2013 but never inducted) and the bassist of the greatest hard rock group to present Bucket head (Guns N ‘Roses), is more than the ‘Mats and GNR. His solo records, and Bash & Pop-fronted albums, have much more in common with Big star and Matthew Sweet as his business cards. His most recent solo album, Mutiny of a man, some Jon Brion– as the production flourishes on the tracks “Come to Hide”, and the shimmering influence of the Californian singer-songwriter is heard on “All This Way for Nothing”. It’s a record steeped in pop punk history (think more Cheap tip, less Fall out Boy) made for adults who have never stopped buying vinyl. It seems obligatory to mention The Replacements and Guns N ‘Roses, as every show listing, artist bio, and touring poster does. What’s good, it brings people to the door, but it doesn’t exactly reflect the music. Stinson’s work isn’t as unpredictable as The Replacements and features a fraction of the bombast of Guns N ‘Roses. He’s a rock and roll devotee in perpetuity, delivering comfortable, cohesive rock songs in three-and-a-half-minute bursts. And that may be what we all need as the third year of the pandemic begins. Tommy Stinson performs at 7 p.m. Jan. 5 at the Pearl Street Warehouse, 33 Pearl St. SW. $ 30 to $ 100. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required.

Corina C. Butler