Tory MP Adam Holloway reprimanded by No 10 during trip to Ukraine | Ukraine

Downing Street has slammed a Tory MP for visiting Ukraine, despite government guidelines warning against anyone visiting the country besieged by Vladimir Putin’s troops.

Adam Holloway said he was in a town about 80 miles east of the border with Poland and witnessed queues outside military conscription centers and volunteers packing kits medical supplies for Ukrainian soldiers trying to delay the Russian advance.

As he drove through Ukraine, he described seeing a line of people trying to flee that stretched for 20 miles, with many of them huddled together and forced to wait four days in the cold.

“The McDonald’s near the border was packed with women and children and a few old people,” Holloway said.

The MP for Gravesham, who is a member of the House of Commons home affairs select committee and a former soldier, said he believed that unlike Russia, Ukrainian citizens offered to join the army voluntarily.

Speaking to GB News on Monday evening, Holloway said: “I’ve only been on the pitch for a little over 12 hours but it seems to me these people here are absolutely determined to fight.

“If you look at the moral component of war – and as you know, I was a soldier – that’s the decisive thing.

“We cannot know what will happen over the next few days and months. But one thing I can absolutely tell you is that these people here – certainly where I am right now and I think all over Ukraine – I feel like they’re going to fight.

Holloway said that during his travels he also met “the best concert pianist in Ukraine”.

He added: “It was fascinating talking to him because so many people volunteer for the army that they only take people with real military experience – there just aren’t enough guns. fire.”

Downing Street said it was unaware of Holloway’s trip in advance.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the advice not to travel to Ukraine “applies to everyone”.

When asked if Holloway should return home, the spokesperson said: “He definitely shouldn’t be going to Ukraine.”

Travel advice issued by the Foreign Office says all UK nationals should ‘leave Ukraine immediately if you deem it safe to do so’.

Those in need of help are urged to contact the government, but the notice said: ‘UK nationals should not expect increased consular support or evacuation assistance in these circumstances.’

Corina C. Butler