Weekend concert schedule includes Langhorne Slim, Sasami, Los Lobos [Seven in Seven] – Reading eagle

Weekend concert schedule includes Langhorne Slim, Sasami, Los Lobos [Seven in Seven] – Reading eagle

Welcome to Seven in Seven, where we’ll be looking at upcoming shows in the area over the next week. It’s been a while since the focus here has been solely on live events, but it’s high time we re-acknowledge the plethora of them happening everywhere.

As always, whether your musical tastes are rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, heavy metal, R&B, singer-songwriter or indie, there will always be something to discover.

Here are seven of the best on the schedule for the week of March 25:

Langhorne Slim — Friday — Ardmore Music Hall

Langhorne Slim’s latest album, “Strawberry Mansion”, is a collection of 18 songs written in March, April and May 2020. The Langhorne native (obviously) recognized it as the beginning of a new world and the denouement of ‘an old. It was an extremely strange time when, like all of us, the singer-songwriter held his breath and focused on the best way to breathe out again. That moment has arrived and he wants to take the stage and share those songs about the Philadelphia area that was once a mythical place for Slim, where his grandfathers grew up.

Fit for a King — Friday — Reverb in Reading

While so many bands exploded onto the scene with supercharged hype, only to burn out and fade just as quickly, Fit for a King gradually built a fiercely dedicated following through their determination, classic metalcore breakdowns, his lyrical courage and unwavering conviction. Considered by many to be the heaviest and catchiest extreme metal act in the Lone Star State since the original Cowboys From Hell, FFAK’s ancestry is demonstrated as much by the massive songs during their live shows as by their live following. breathtaking line. It’s time for some of that energy to be released again as part of the live.

Sasami — Saturday — Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia

On her second album, “Squeeze”, Sasami explores her wide range of moods, from rage and systemic violence to struggling for control of her personal relationships. Throughout the album, the singer, songwriter and producer explores the raw aggression of nu-metal, the tender and simple world of country-pop and folk rock, and the dramatic romanticism of classical music. As a classically trained composer, Sasami has constructed the LP as an operatic or orchestral work with different “movements” that take the listener on an emotional journey. Compared to the introspective indie rock of his 2019 self-titled debut album, “Squeeze” is a full-throttle expansion.

Los Lobos – Sunday – Sellersville Theater 1894

Of all the avant-garde musical groups that have emerged from Los Angeles, few embody the wildly eclectic spirit of the city more sincerely than Los Lobos. Over the past five decades, East LA have left an indelible mark on musical history by exploring a huge diversity of genres ranging from rock ‘n’ roll and R&B, surf music and soul, mariachi and música norteña, punk rock and country and construction. a boldly unpredictable sound all their own. They remain a favorite on both coasts and all spots in between.

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Sunday – Union Transfer to Philadelphia

In the mid-90s, when Britpop was in full swing and labels at home and abroad were desperate to nominate the next big guitar band as the flavor of the month, Anton Newcombe had an idea: “Say no “. As the leader of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, he had already established himself as a visionary songwriter, a man for whom making music was not a lifestyle choice or a hipster haircut, but the very fabric of existence. Some grouped BJM with the waning shoegaze movement, but there was something far more sinister and sonically substantial about the songs the outfit released, which continues to this day. Their visceral, often confrontational psychedelic drone rock mixes with indie rock and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll in often unpredictable but still thrilling ways three decades after its formation.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Thursday through Tuesday – in New York and Washington, DC

Like many other artists, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds were forced to cancel an entire tour in 2020, including a show in September at Mann. Unfortunately, the salt was rubbed into the wound of local fans when the legendary Australian baritone announced a run in the United States this year with longtime Bad Seed Warren Ellis, and Philly was left off the map. And while it’s not exactly a stone’s throw away, the pair are having a four-night road run in New York — with two shows in Brooklyn — before hitting I-95 in DC. You never know when the next COVID variant may throw a spanner in the evenings and keep Cave away for another long spell, so don’t risk it and choose a direction to travel and see his performance still can’t miss.

The Young Guns tour feat. Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH – March 31 – The Fillmore in Philadelphia

It’s one thing to dispute the overstated claim that rock is dead. Crank up the guitars, let out a howl or two and bang some drums and you’ve proven the doubters wrong. But it’s a whole other thing to get out on the road and have a blast night after night, on the festival circuit, opening for much bigger bands and showing your courage. And that’s exactly what upstarts Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH have been doing for most of the past two years. Even when the pandemic looked bleak for live music, these guys were out there rocking stages coast to coast, and now they’ve teamed up for a co-headlining tour. . Dirty Honey went to No. 1 on the Mainstream and Hard Rock charts in 2019 despite being unsigned. They have since opened for the Black Crowes and other rock luminaries, drawing accolades from attendees. Mammoth WVH is managed by Wolfgang Van Halen, who recently spent time supporting Guns N’ Roses – no pressure there, right? — but delivered the goods to audiences every night and was nominated for a Grammy. Today they have come together to poke fun at those who think there is no place for rock in today’s landscape.

Sound check

• Langhorne Slim: “A Mighty Soul”

• Fit for a King: “The Path”

• Sasami: “Do it right”

• Los Lobos: “Corazón”

• Massacre of Brian Jonestown: “Anemone”

• Nick Cave and Warren Ellis: “Carnage”

• Dirty Honey: “Let’s Go Crazy”

• Mammoth WVH: “M. Ed”

Corina C. Butler