Why Top Bands Often Feature In Online Casinos

In 2021, the availability of vaccines and testing has made it possible for music festivals to return. However, during the first semester, dozens of festivals were canceled. Even the legendary Glastonbury had to be postponed for a year.

Thankfully, in 2022, music festivals finally seemed to be making a triumphant return. Festivals like The Great Escape, as well as City Splash and Junction 2 have been announced. Although with the restart of the festival season, it also means that fans will have to deal with the usual long journeys and waiting times.

In order to beat boredom, festival goers may want to use Shazam to identify a song being played on their journey to the festival site. Alternatively, there are a number of games featuring the music of famous bands like Rock Band as well as a growing number of casino games featuring AC/DC, Motörhead and other iconic bands.

In fact, there’s already an engaging track for Guns ‘N Roses fans to play ahead of their London gig in early July, where the band will finally play Wembley after already canceling the show twice. The legendary rock band has an eponymous online slot featured on Foxy Games, and they’re not alone. Guitarist Jimi Hendrix also appears in a slot machine from the same provider, again in a game of the same name. Both use snippets of their music and iconic images associated with their brand. But why have musical slot machines become so popular? After all, other bands such as Megadeth and Kiss have also featured in very popular online slots.

License agreements

While concerts and tours were not possible between 2019 and 2021, musicians found other ways to earn money. They organize remote concerts and work on collaborations with other artists. However, it’s times like these that passive income can be especially valuable. Licensed slot games allow groups to earn revenue from titles by selling their rights to major gaming platforms, without them having to do anything.

Increased range

Casinos are always looking for ways to attract new audiences, and groups are a great way to attract them. Guns ‘N Roses, for example, may not have had top ten success in the UK for nearly three decades, but they still remain popular due to their iconic hits. The band’s music can be heard on virtually every form of media, from the Family Guy TV series to the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day and even the trailer for the upcoming MCU movie Thor: Love and Thunder. The inclusion of Guns ‘N Roses’ iconic hit ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ has been called by FanSided “the perfect selection of songs” as it frames a reunion with an old friend of the protagonist. And if it works for the MCU, it could very well work for the casino industry.

Brand recognition

As mentioned above, bands are not new to adding their music to different forms of media. The music of bands like AC/DC and Motörhead can be heard in superhero movies or zombie TV shows. However, slot games are a different proposition, allowing groups to put their brand image front and center to attract new followers. Players are first introduced to band logos, band members, and album cover references. And often leads music fans to go further and discover the band, listen to their music or even buy merchandise, which in our time is of vital importance for the survival of bands.

Together with the variables above, it shows that some of the leading groups have gotten very creative in recent years, looking to expand their reach. And although their images have been on pinball machines for decades, it was only a matter of time before they bridged the digital divide and entered online casinos.

Corina C. Butler